Wednesday, 27 February 2013

28 and 29 of 29 faces

The last two faces for the 29 Faces challenge with Ayala Art, those of you bloggers who also are on the Facebook page 29 faces already know these last few days' faces.

Face 28: chalkhead 

On the facebook page one of the participants had made two faces of school-chalk. I thought it was so cool and as I love sculpting I simply had to try it! I already started a new one, will post it some other day. This head is made from my daughters street-drawing-chalk. It is very soft and really difficult to work with. I used a small brush to remove the dust, but the brush could take half the nose, if I wasn't careful. He is not really finished, but I'm not sure if I will do any more about him, maybe I'll draw a face with him on the street :-)

And face 29 the princess from the fairy tale: The Frog Prince; or Iron Henry
She has been part of an earlier post, or rather: she was on the skirt I have posted a few weeks ago, so now you get a close up of her face :-)

Below you can see a little dog I "found" on the skirt I've painted these faces on. I'm not counting him in as one of the faces, but I will just go on painting faces, as that is what I love to do! 

Dear all people from blogs and from facebook and especially the one person who initiated the whole thing!


  1. wonderful and very creative! i'm so glad to have taken part in this challenge because I was able to find you and your inspirational work! :) I'm truly grateful! :)

  2. hello again! :D i was nominated for the Liebster award and in tern i'm supposed to pick five blogs that I love and are inspirational. :D Your blog is one of my choices. Please visit my blog post. :D Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Ilona, that little sculpted face is amazing! Love it!
    I am so happy you joined the challenge, I have enjoyed all your posts and look forward more of them!
    The 2 little images from the skirt are awesome too :oD

  4. I adore your portraits and your sculpture.lot of creativity

  5. I LOVE what you've done! The little faces, so vintage and sweet, and your sculpted face! Wonderful, xoxo


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