Saturday, 2 February 2013


Background acrylic/metallic and fluid black acrylic, lightened up with white pastel.

The portrait is drawn mainly with pastels and black oil pencil.

Find many more faces on: 29 Faces


  1. I love the effect and the knowing look on this beautiful portrait. I must search for one of those black oil pencils. I've never heard of them. Great job, Ilona!

  2. What a beautiful background and deeply intense face!

  3. Ooooh this is another nice one! I like you style!

  4. Thank you, Ileana, Tammy and Manon! I love to draw faces and I want to learn a lot more and get better at it, especially starting to use my brush and paint with acrylic. It just needs much more time and space to do that properly.
    It is so nice to get your comments! I'm not always able to comment here, but I will certainly look at your blogs and paintings!
    Though I aught to read and write assignments!!! ;-)

    See you soon with new faces!


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