Wednesday, 13 February 2013

14 of 29 faces

Today is the day I gave myself a treat! I found some workable clay yesterday, and I gave myself one hour to work a face out of it. One hour because I have an important assignment to finish!

Very important: I listened to my favorite music at the moment: Vivaldi's "Winter" from the Four Seasons, played by musicians outdoor in Venice, another treat! It is so fascinating to sea the video clip, carnival in Venice!!! Love this peace all together! It reminds me of my visit in Venice in November 2011, the 54th Art biennale. It's starting again soon (in June?) Would love to go again!!!!!!! :D Maybe I will... Enough of that ;-)

So here is a lump of clay:

After a few minutes you can see the first facial features:

The next few photos the face is slowly being worked out:

Below it looks quite like a face,

 but the profile is not done:

To be able to work out the profile, I have hollowed the lump:

Flattened face:

Now it was easier to work on the features, but the clay also easily creased, so I had to be careful:

This is how far I went within an hour. Still a lot to proceed on before I would call it finished!
To give you an idea of the size of the face I took some photos, using the face as a mask:

It is about 23 cm.

One new photo!!! But still some way to go:

Sculpting is my favorite art form. But it is also a very time consuming and complex process. Also it is something I have least experience with, as painting and drawing is more easily done in between my main duties!!!

So before starting on duties again (14th) I experimented with the face, making marks and adding colour. Please let me know, what you think about the result!

Hope you enjoyed this, I did :-)

Happy 29 faces!


  1. Absolutely wonderful Ilona... once again love seeing your process... and your sculpture is magnificent... can't wait to see it finished...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Liebe Ilona,
    was für eine wunderschöne Maske! Man sieht gleich, dass Du und clay euch gut kennt. Mir ist es noch immer nicht gelungen, einen schönen Mund zu formen.
    Der Schal um das Gesicht herum drapiert, gibt dem Ganzen eine sehr ausdrucksstarke Tiefe. Oh, ich glaube, nun hast Du mich auf eine Idee gebracht ♥

    Lieben Dank auch, für Deine Worte auf meinem Blog. Es tut wohl Dich zu lesen. Liebliche Grüße zu Dir von

  3. I DID enjoy this! Very cool! Looking forward to seeing more of your faces!

    I'm very late in starting the challenge and in looking at everyone's blog, but I'll catch up!

  4. seeing your process is wonderful and really love the textures and shapes you have created... will be interested to see this in its final stages... going to be a wonderful piece...xx

  5. Love seeing how you work. Cant wait to see it finished. Ps posted print of 'peace' yesterday.

  6. Wonderful to see your process! Thnx for sharing!

  7. Very impressive work...I love how it transpired and where it's going!! Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. gosh - I loved watching her grow!

  9. This is an amazing art. Your work in progress is enticing. Looking forward to more. Blessings, Janet PPF

  10. Fabulous transition ! I have done a few classes and enjoyed doing this thoroughly I can imagine the fun you have had :)

  11. Fabulous face, you should do clay all the time, you are very talented with it! HPPF!

  12. Great job, I enjoyed watching the process step by step. Saludos

  13. this is wonderful
    gorgeous face to look at ~

  14. Wow. What fun to go through the process of sculpting a face. I loved every step -

  15. oh wow such a wonderful face. Thank you for sharing its creativity.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  16. I saw this sculpture just now and am completely bowled over! You must sculpt more! You are a natural with this I feel. Gorgeous!

  17. I love clay and love to do faces with clay. It's been a while since I've worked with clay. You've inspired me. Thanks. Your work is awesome.

  18. Yes! Beautiful work, so expressive and impressive too!

  19. Beautiful work, interesting process! I love Vivaldi, too! :)

  20. Yay..we are kindreds..I love Vivaldi too..and listen to all four season when I paint.. or create! Wow..fantastical..your face/mask is brilliant and so beautiful..a gentle poetic face..gorgeous! I love to sculpt too..I am a are marvelous!I always wonder if i can paint straight onto the clay or if i have to seal it first? If you know, I'd love to know! Such a beautiful and exciting post..thanks for sharing this magical is absolutely beautiful and bewildering!

  21. I think it looks great with colors. Yes it is very time consuming, but isn't it fun? It's been a while since I do not make a clay face, specially that size!
    So cool!

  22. Wow! Wonderful face/mask. So great to see how you created it.

  23. marvelous work! I love to draw, but sculpting is a real challenge for me. You've made a terrific piece!


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