Friday, 1 March 2013


Something special arrived with the mail today :-) - well that was some days ago, but the feeling of happiness is still there, when I look at the frame standing on my cabinet!
I received a letter containing a print from Sharon, a blogger friend she has become by now I feel. I had seen a painting of hers a few weeks ago and was so fascinated by it, that I asked for the price, because I wanted to buy it. Sharon offered me a free print as the first ever person who wanted to buy something from her.

The frame is a bit too small, but I needed to put the print into a frame to protect it from any harm.

Here is the link to Sharon's painting I am so fond of:

(of course there are more of them, for instance the one with her and her sister driving in a car to the beach)

When you visit Sharon's blog you wouldn't believe it. Her art is refined and beautiful, with depth and a special choice of coloring. Very often Sharon includes written messages in her art.
Visit Sharon's blog and see what she creates.
Here's the link:


  1. How beautiful! Wonderful!

  2. How sweet of her to send it! It is a beautiful one indeed! So true too! Happy for you, Ilona!

  3. thank you for your kind words. Isnt it wonderful how the blogging world brings new kindred friends into your lives.


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