Wednesday, 20 February 2013

21 of 29 faces

Another face in my sketchbook.
This once a face I drew in January, and I'm posting it, because I wanted you all 
to have the chance to see him. 
He is a German actor and a good one also. Quite a character, I think.

Enjoy the faces already there and those yet to come. Very soon this challenge is over.
Thank you for this incredible journey Ayala Art!


  1. I really enjoyed catching up with your posts - all wonderful faces and so different. This one of the actor is really intriguing, he has an interesting face. And I really like the one you did of the the front and back of the girl...

  2. I was just saying to myself today that I've only seen faces of women and hardly men. This piece is wonderful! So much character and depth. There is so much in the eyes..very lovely!

  3. Liebe Ilona,
    ein schönes Gesicht hast Du gemalt. Ich finde allerdings fast, dass B.B. bei Dir besser zu sehen ist, als in Natura ...
    Liebliche Grüße zu Dir - bin müde, vom ewigen Kalt- und Schneewetter -

  4. Very nice work! Enjoyed your Gallery of Talent


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