Sunday, 3 February 2013

3 of 29 faces

This is what I can do for today. I used: a sanguine for the outlines of the portrait and colour-pencils and a 2B pencil to give it colour. Done on acrylic background in my sketchbook.

and here are many more fantastic faces to adore! Thank you for this fantastic idea!
29 faces


  1. Oh, she is lovely! When you say acrylic background, do you mean you used gesso?

  2. Thank you Tammy! I actually use plain acrylic, whatever is available. I use different colours for backgrounds. Makes a good start for a painting or drawing, as it adds some texture and I can play with the colours.

  3. She is beautiful and thank you for showing us the steps. I enjoy seeing all the stages.

  4. Seriously! Amazing - I love all the steps too - thank you for sharing :) xo

  5. Commenting here as she is my favorite face you've posted so far! I enjoy seeing the steps as you progress.


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