Tuesday, 19 February 2013

20 of 29 faces

Again a WIP!

Let me hear, what you think of it!
I sketched from photos one against the light and one with the light, that is why the backgrounds are contrasting.
It is again a mixed media peace, still some work to do with it. Maybe I will add another colour to it for the dress. I'll see what happens.
Often I follow spontaneous ideas, like yesterday!

Worked on the painting again with pastels and acrylics as well as graphite water colour. 
It is beginning to look like a finished painting, but I will give it a little time, before i decide.

20 faces done!


  1. I love the two views you have created, they are interesting and somehow nostalgic for me. I know that waiting thing,,,, waiting for a painting to guide to the next step or to announce that it is complete.

  2. Really wonderful! I really love this! Love the front and back. Very lovely!

  3. Great idea to do front and back. Know how to wait for inspiration is a real art, and you have it.

  4. LOVE them both Ilona... they are gorgeous... and lovely to see the transition to color... beautiful backgrounds as well... and in answer to your question about the gelli plate... you can use glass as an alternative... a friend tried that and it worked quite well...

    Jenny ♥

  5. So glad you commented on my painting at Paint and Draw together because now I have heard of the 29 faces challenge. What a fun thing it seems to be! HOpefully they will do it again as I would love to join.

    Now I am going to look at your other 20 faces and will be watching for them the rest of this month.



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