Friday, 8 February 2013

9 of 29 faces

I'll try this one! For the next face or two?

One starts with the basics:

and moves slowly forward

I did a lot of intermediate stage photos, bur they'll have to wait ;-)
The painting has its flaws and I have used an eraser, while the paper was wet and it got rubbed off :-(
It is certainly the most time-consuming painting I have done in this challenge, as I started on day 8 and  finished on day 10. The next face is ready to post!

Here is now, what I've done today:

for 29 faces in february


  1. I am really enjoying all of your faces - the textures in your drawings and paintings are beautiful!


  2. I love your faces, so interesting. There is an air of mystery about them.

  3. This is beautiful so far, I hope I can see the end result.

    Have an amazing day!

  4. Ilona, when I had a look at your blog and your art works I did not know where to leave a comment because I felt that I would like to commnent all your woks. They are absolutely beautiful, extremely creative andvery deep. You are very talented person. Thank you for sharing


Your comments make me happy!