Thursday, 7 February 2013

Paint Party Friday

Something new today:

I've found a skirt, which was only half finished, from somebody who participated in a sewing session with me once. It is a white cotton skirt without any pattern in the weave or anything.

So I took it downstairs with me and started smudging it with some leftover paint.

Then I took a linol cut of a woman done some time ago and covered her with pastel and sprayed it with my hairspray.

I printed one side of the skirt with the linol. I used two different purple/violets. This worked all right, as the skirt already is all smudgy. I think it doesn't have to be perfect prints, but they are clearly visible.

On the other side of the skirt I drew a face of a young girl all smiling, I'm glad she will not see it, but for this purpose it is ok.

And a cat's face, Frankie! 

Some more photos, but there is still room for more drawings :-)
I have found some figures and faces in the blots of acrylics, maybe you can find a few of them?
You can enlarge the photos, by right click on your mouse and open it in a new window.

I will add some doodling before I call it finished, so off to work!
Have done some! :-)

And you! Take a look at PPF artists all around the world

I am also participating in the 29 faces-challenge. If you would like to see some of the faces I have done so far you can find them under the tag: 29 faces in the sidebar


  1. Wow! I love this! Great job! Great use of colors on the first painting! Happy PPF!

  2. Wow is right, very creative and interesting! Looking forward seeing the finished piece! <3

  3. What an intriguing creative piece. I especially love the cat face :)

  4. What an unusual project.... I love the cats face especially.

    I had a look back at your faces for '29 faces' you are very talented!

    Karen x

  5. oh fabulous..gorgeous works..all so full of intriguing energy and unique textures...beautiful!!the face is very gentle and shining with such harmony and love! And wow..the totally have sparked my soul..and i can feel the essence of this beautiful creature pulsing through!Spectacular!

  6. Hi llona. What a job! Lots of work and it's looking fabulous. Very creative. Thanks:)

  7. So creative! I really like what you've done. The cat face is lovely.

  8. Loving the way you have worked this. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. What an intriguing thing to paint. Will you cut it up and frame it or will it be wearable art?

    Great to see all your wonderful faces so far too!

    P.S. BTW You still have captcha on - makes it almost impossible to comment. Failed 2 so far but will try a third. (29 Faces has an explanation of how to turn it off)

  10. beautiful creative work today! Happy PPF!

  11. Wow! What a beautiful, creative piece...totally unique and absolutely lovely. Happy PPF! xo - janice

  12. how creative and nurturing for your "right brain". Would love to see if you add to it. HPPF

  13. amazing all done on fabric...terrific that woman's back side, so sensual and the cat is a wonder of purr-fection. (sorry could not help myself)

  14. You have such a distinct style. The skirt is such a lovely idea!! Good job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. I love what you do- it seems so intricate, but great. Happy (belated PPF).

  16. truly beautiful and amazing. You are right she has such a cat's face :)


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