Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Faces 9 and 10

For face 9 I uploaded a painting into a digital drawing program on my pc and worked on the detail of the face. The close up photo of the face made it possible to enlarge the photo enough to work on every detail of the face, like irises and pupil. Just now I remember I forgot to draw the earring ;-)


Face ten is drawn after the same photo. It is a charcoal sketch on a paper with an acrylic wash, added some pastel lines.

Thank you all for your visits, leaving such kind words, they make me happy!
And thank you to Ayala for this fantastic challenge!


  1. Hi llona. Hope all is well. Your 9 and 10 are just wonderful. Love your creativity in experimenting like you do. You asked me which Frida painting I loved best and you know the answer to that. I love them all equally and oh so wish I could see one in person. That's my greatest desire is to go to her Casa Azul, go see her paintings and take it all in. :) Have a wonderful day and it's always great to see you. Take care.

  2. Hello Ilona! I love the lines whitch go here and there. Both paintings are very interesting when looks very clear.
    Especially the second painting is amaising. It is so wonderful.

  3. These are interesting sketches. I really like the different variations and am interested in seeing where these end up going.

  4. One of the things I love about your art is the way you are always so ready to experiment. When I was doing my art degree, my tutor used to tell me to 'always take my sketches further' never to be satisfied with just the sketch or sculpture I had made. Your approach here shows a me a different way to take something further. Thank you.
    While I like the first painting, the second one with its criss-cross lines really speaks to me. You are so talented.

  5. How lovely! Both of these are gorgeous. I love the fantastic colours of the first one and the super sketch of the second. Really pretty.

  6. Ach liebe Ilona, meine Collagen sind sozusagen aus der Not geboren, da ich leider kein bisschen zeichnen kann. Ich bewundere Deine Werke hier und vor allem die verschiedenen Techniken, bzw. Blickwinkel, die Du beim Zeichnen Deiner Nichte verwendet hast. Es st bemerkenswert, wie sehr ihre Persönlichkeit durchscheint und die Zeichnungen dadurch so lebensecht wirken. Hut ab!
    Liebe Grüße


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