Monday, 2 September 2013

# 2

I set up the exhibition today and had very little time for painting. It was really great to hang the pictures in the "Aktivitetshuset" a cultural centre for the Danish minority in Flensburg. The other artist is a sweet girl and she is really happy that we do the exhibition together and we talked about other possibilities in the future :-) it was really great!

Now because of all the work practical things to be done and family to care fro, I had only an hour or so to work on the portrait I started yesterday. I think I will let her be as she is for now and start something fresh tomorrow...but I really love that profile photo my niece sent to me, so I might give it another go ;-)

I hope to be able to visit you all tomorrow! Thank you to all you visitors and sweet comments!!! 


  1. I like what you have done to yesterday's work. Beautiful.

  2. Fantastic profile, a wonderful piece.

  3. Nice to hear that Your art exhibition started well and all the paintigs are there really to people admire.

    I like this profile, it is so pieceful and same time interesting about something which is coming...


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