Friday, 20 September 2013

# 19 and # 20, two works in progress

It's Friday, participating in Paint Party Friday and adding two faces to the 29 Faces challenge with Ayala Art, see link in the sidebar!

Here is face 18 worked on:

In the 29 Faces group on Facebook someone suggested I could work on this piece with threads somehow and I found my silk threads and started stitching the outline. There is still some work to be done on this. I'll show more progress photos as soon as I get on with it :-)

Face 20 is something completely different and something I don't do very often, actually last I did, was at the 29 Faces challenge in February. Here come some progress pictures:

Starting with a big lump of clay

Sketching in a few facial features and starting to mold:

This is how far I got today:

A smiling face, just like I feel today, after not getting anywhere yesterday.
Wishing you all a wonderful week end, take care!

Ilona xxx


  1. Fabulous sculpture, Ilona. Love the smile. Your sketch is wonderful too. Love the eye.

  2. Very nice! I like the side profile, interesting idea with the stitching. I love the clay sculpture. It makes me nostalgic for making 3d works...

  3. Beautiful work! The profile looks great and I'm very impressed with your sculpture.

  4. Wonderful work Ilona! I love the sculpture. you are very talented!

  5. Oh I like your clay head! Nice. I haven't worked with clay in a long time. Have to pick something after a while. xox

  6. Oh now another side of your comes out to play...wonderful clay work!! Good job you!! Always a wonderful surprise!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Oh, He is smiling so catching! Wonderful! I like clay, too, but it is so long time, when I have used it.
    I like Your drawing very much, too.

  8. I am inpressed of your sculpturing. The profile drawing is very beautiful.

  9. Your silk stitching is so perfectly done that I thought it was a drawing. Very effective, and it makes a lovely portrait.
    It is interesting to see a sculpture included as one of your 29 Faces, what a good idea. Sculpture was my major subject in my art degree, but I have done very little for the past years. I tell myself that I do not have space, but I see that you are doing it on a table, so perhaps .... perhaps one day. You are inspiring me.
    The smile is very 'catching' and it makes me smile too.

  10. Fantastic skulpture! Wonderful facial expression. I´m looking forward for your stitching on silk!

  11. This is amazing, I love the expession you've captured!


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