Monday, 23 September 2013

# 23

I gave her some paint to get a more human look. She now reminds me of a figurehead on an old ship lol! And then she wears one of my hat-creations (WIP) to make her more lady-like :-)

only 6 faces left! :D
I really enjoy the 29 Faces challenge, thank you Ayala, for this amazing challenge!!!


  1. As you say she has the look of a ship's figurehead with her bronzed skin. I would never have thought of painting her and giving her that gorgeous veiled hat. She looks very happy and friendly. I am so impressed with your all-round skills in so many areas of art, and love looking at your very original artworks.

  2. Oh, Hello! How are You? You are very stylich lady. Ary You going to walk on the park? Be careful, it can be much Young man there looking You and asking Your hand.

  3. You have created a real lady! Colours make her alive. She is amaising! You can do so much.


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