Wednesday, 11 September 2013

# 11 of 29 Faces in September

Today a quick post, drew this sketch over the past few days on my pc with a digital drawing program, and stop at this point, because it takes too much time to get it finished.

Thank you for visiting! I'll get around to you by and by. Time is running fast at the moment, but we still have 19 days in September :-)


  1. Sometimes art is just as interesting when it is 'unfinished' I really like this as it is with all the detail around her eyes nose and mouth and with the top of her head and hair merging with the paper:)

  2. Hi llona. I like this unfinished piece. She looks fresh and athletic. Love her eyes. Thanks.

  3. This is so beautiful and great drawing. I love this just kind this. Something inside You sayd to You don't go on...this is already ready. It is.


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