Tuesday, 3 September 2013

# 3

I have done a sketch from another photo and think it has quite a good likeness, but still some more to work on :-)
It is really a good training I should do more often!
Thank you to all you visitors! It's great to be part of 29 Faces again :-)

Here she is now:


  1. I can see the hand moving. Very facinating!
    I like this challenge, too, because it is long time, when I have last drawn.

    ...but my link doesn't work :-o

    1. Hi Uuna, I just checked on the links on Ayala's blog. There is a new link up, nr. 97, which works! Martha Ayala might have fixed it :-)

  2. I agree about this being good training. Nice sketch! The trick from drawing from photographs is to not have them appear stiff, which yours definitely doesn't. Very nice!

  3. das ist so ne tolle Herausforderung....
    ich geniesse Deine Gesichter und bin schon gespannt was da noch alles kommt!

    lg Susi

  4. Great work, Ilona. The hand is especially good.

  5. Very nicely done llona. Love the b & W look.

  6. Very nice sketch! Your lines are so nice a free and have great energy, which sparks a life into the drawing, into the face. Nice!

  7. I agree it is really good training, I have learn't ovet the past few days I don't do enough pencil drawing, your sketch is beautiful.


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