Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paper Picasso Inspiration

An hour of artsy pastime and my husband is impressed. Always at the most unexpected moments :-)
I have been thinking of a mobile for PAPER SATURDAY for some days, but needed an idea.
Today I needed to do something crafty and just started.

here come the first cuts:

But I wanted to include a face, but how to do that free hand?
Then I came to think of the "Mix it Monthly Challenge" where Picasso, butterflies and a beautiful face were included. I visited Pia Rom's blog and the path was set...a butterfly and two eyes

a pointed nose and expressive lips...

And the mobile was finished

Inspired by my work from yesterday, I did another mobile free style - not knowing what it would end up like. It is great fun, but a little hard on my index finger ;-)

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Ilona's greeting you :-)


  1. OMG was hast Du mich überrascht! Wie cool ist das denn?! Ein Mobilee...ich freu mich wie ein kleines Kind, hihi....ich kann richtig sehen, wie es sich dreht...wie schön, dass Du mitgemacht hast! Fetter Schmatz ♥ Conny ♥ ♥

  2. OOh das ist ja auch wunderbar,ein picasso mobilee,tolle idee und das teilchen hat total was von picasso,gefällt mir seehr gut.

    Grüße Jeannette

  3. Eine Spitzenindee und auch eine geniale Umsetzung --- das würd ich auch mögen hier bei mir , wenn es sich dreht und mich erfreut!

    Lieben Dank für Deinen Blog-Besuch bei mir Ilona!

    herzliche Grüße aus dem Waldviertel

  4. This looks beautiful and what a great idea!!
    Groetjes Karin

  5. Wow Ilona you are a fabulous paper artist Ilove all the things you keep coming up with you are a super talented lady! ManonX

  6. Oh, very clever mobile, what a great idea for the challenge.

  7. Ilona, these are crazy cool! The last one reminds me a bit of the Frida Kahlo's organic paintings, with all the unexpected shapes, but being in a mobile is even better!

  8. Stilig!! du er kjempekreativ! =)

    og akkurat nå gikk det opp for meg at du snakker eller kan snakke dansk. så da prøver jeg meg på norsk :))

  9. Very original entry for the challenge, love your mobile!!

  10. wow how clever is this..and I admire your patience for such detailed cutting too

  11. Very clever! Love that you have created a mobile for this challenge Dxx

  12. These mobiles are amazing. The Picasso is great but I really love the girl and the tree. What a great idea and I too admire the skill in the cutting of the paper.

  13. Gosh these are amazing. I love what you do- specially the Picasso one.

  14. Very cool interpretation for the Picasso Goes Vintage theme, just love this!

  15. Your mobile is so beautiful! very inventive!

  16. Wow-these creations are wonderful! Great Picasso interpretation!


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