Friday, 3 May 2013

Art for abandonment and exquisite corpse tryout

Dear you all! :-)

I had a very busy week and these coming days will be busy too, so it will take some time to get around to visiting the growing community at Paint Party Friday. Which just expands the joy and beauty in store for all of us.

Now to my art work. I have finished a few WIP's:

They are going to be abandoned, and two of them will be sent to the US, where Lauri Crowe has agreed to abandon some art for me. Hope it will make some people happy!

Now I come to my test of the Exquisite Corpse, I needed to find out, what the paper I intended to use, could take. So here is:

It looks a bit scary, but actually the faces express my mood at the moment. Shifting between panic, frustration and calmness and bliss. The rest was just playing around and getting inspired by my doodles and pictures and so on.

Hope you enjoyed my little (horror) picture show!

Please visit Paint Party Friday and the artists contributing to a fantastic on-line art show!

Tomorrow I am going to visit Manon Popjes Paper Saturday again and blog about my toilet roll art.

Have a wonderful week-end, enjoy your life. Focus on the people around you who really love you and if it is hard at the moment, find the beauty of life in nature, it will always be able to soothe your pain.
Sing a song

Thank you for visiting! And to those of you, who leave a comment know that you make my life more beautiful :-)


  1. Very well done! Especially with your explanation. It is an interesting concept.

  2. Lovely post and real creative art work ~ very expressive ~ Happy PPF ^_^

  3. oohhhh your art is wonderful, however, that last painting is AWESOME!!! I love the Alligator foot and vampire teeth.

  4. Your Exquisite Corpse test piece looks like she could be a walking narrative, both curious and interesting! I hope everyone shows the end results when its finished. Have a great weekend Ilona

  5. Love your art this week that ast piece is very intriqing. Thanks for your best wishes and have a great weekend. Since your post lastr week about toilet roll art, I have been looking sideways at mine!

  6. wonderful art! Lots to think about in the Exquisite Corpse, I love that alligator foot.

  7. lots of fab pieces here. Your test piece is awesome.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Your art is wonderful and that alligator foot is awesome. I especially like your message about:
    having a wonderful week-end, enjoy life and focusing on the people around who really love you. I will indeed sing a song. You do the same. Thank you.

  9. What a nice thing to do -- abandon art to be found by someone in need. I love the exquisite corpse -- you never know what will come out when you start one. Glad you got your WIPs done and shared them. Beautiful!

  10. I do like that abandon art movement... cool way to spread some joy...xx

  11. Lovely work, for some reason the upside down teapot fills me with sadness, perhaps it is because I love teapots, abandon art is a great way of spreading happiness!

    1. Your comment about the teapot surprised me and made me laugh. I didn't know I had painted a teapot, until you mentioned it. I had imagined a trunk, but didn't want to really make an elephant out of it. :-) Bye the way, I need to buy tea, Earl Grey is my favorite!

  12. You've been busy... love the first one and the last is very scary!! Good work though! Have a great week!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. The Exquisite Corpse looks very interesting and wonderful, really like the feeling and the concept! And the alligator shoe! Your drawings are beautiful, sensitive and dreamy!

  14. Oh, your tryout for that exquisite corpse is awesome! love it!

  15. love the exquisite corpse drawing! very surreal...happy PPF!

  16. That last one is very surreal - it's a visual story. Love the idea of "abandon" art - that first one is really great. HPPF

  17. Art abandonment seems interesting...I liked the painting that shows your various moods and the other element you have woven in through it! The elephant, crocodile...very interesting!
    Sorry couldn't pop in earlier as my net was down. Thank you for your much appreciated visits.

  18. Haha, so köstlich das letzte Bild...einfach genial und köstlich anzusehen...wunderbare Kunst, die mich fröhlich macht :))))...das dritte Bild finde ich wunderschön, weil es so "frei" gemalt ist...freue mich schon, mehr von Dir zu sehen! SChöne Pfingsttage ♥ Conny


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