Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hi you all! I'm slowly returning to the surface and enjoy getting some paint in my hands!

It's wonderful to be back in the blogging world and enjoy the company of other artists on the parties around in the blogosphere :-)

Finally I finished my exams for the teacher education with an oral exam on friday, so I am an English teacher now! Yes!!!

I have seen some of you are participating in the Summer of Colour and think it is a great inspiration! It will be too much for me to join in on that but I played with the colour prompt of the citron green and turquoise.

Here are a few small pieces:

I started off with water colours, but as I only have the three primary colours it is really difficult (impossible?) to get these delicate colors that were selected for the SOC prompt. But I bought new Stabilo point 88 pens yesterday and there the needed colours were represented :-) and something different for me to play with for a change! So here are some free style flowers and ornaments:

The following piece is a greeting card for a birthday and it is all in watercolour.

I'm going to insert a white card inside and add the birthday wishes and close the card with a ribbon.

The last piece is again a combination of water colour, pastel and stabilos the photo was taken before it was finished.

These will all go to a friend and brought in stead of flowers. I hope she will enjoy them!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Great to have you back! And nice to know all the exams are over. It would be lovely, lovely to have you to participate on the 'summer of color'.:-) The flowers you painted look great and the free flow of colors in the cards are full of beauty and possibilities.

  2. llona, I really enjoyed reading your last three posts and congratulations on getting your teaching degree, a great accomplishment. I really love the very abstracted watercolors in the last post above. They are really good. Thank you, too, for your very nice comment on my blog.

  3. Good idea :) looks beautiful and unusual :)


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