Saturday, 27 April 2013

Owl-lady from a toilet-roll

I saw some amazing art today on Manon's blog post for Paper Saturday.
It made me want to try it instantly. And as you know I have a lot of time to spare I immediately searched the house for an empty roll. Of course I was lucky enough to find one and it was not difficult to find a motif for my little toilet-roll-artwork.

The Owl-lady in her original look. You will have to scroll down a little to see the collaged lady.

And here she is transformed into paper-roll art:

And a close-up:

She has a lot of rough edges and I need to improve my technique, but wonderful to do. Please check out Manon's blog and take a look at the link to the incredible artist, who inspired me to create my little Owl-lady.


  1. those tree cut outs Manon shared are amazing. Your owl lady is impressive too, especially for your first go! How did you cut her out? She is so intricate!

  2. Wow...she is sooo Gorgeous and so fantastical..she is full of life and whimsical enchanting..magical creation!!

  3. Ilona you are a star!! Wonderful I have to say I am afraid my hands are just too big to even attempt this but I can dream about it. Thank you so much for sharing it is absolutly amasing. ManonXx

  4. I was full of ideas on seeing the post as well.... but you actually acted on it... how cool are you... and I am in awe of you tackling such an intricate design from the first go... very cool...xx

  5. Oh, how wonderful! I love your owl lady! Bravo for finding a lovely way to re-purpose a toilet paper roll!

  6. Hah Ilona das ist ja mal eine geniale Idee....soooo süss, wie Du sie da aus der Rolle rausgezaubert hast...und nun steht sie da und verzaubert unsere Herzen :) ♥ Conny


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