Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Face around the World

I am participating in a challenge or whatever one may call it. A group of participants from the 29 Faces challenge are working on painting faces, sending them off to one group member, who will add to the painting, sending it to another group member... All in all 4 groups with 5 members each are doing this. The first send off is getting done this week.

And here is, what I have done:

Starting with my sewing machine. She needed some oil, obviously as the needle didn't move a bit, when I started it.

Having stitched the pieces together, I added just a little of my mother of pearl acrylic and a tiny bit of a face drawn with charcoal.

Finally I took care of the back side, stitching the corners properly and adding a little lace on the edges and stitched it to the backing/lining.

Now the piece is ready to send off! It will go to the US, Tennessee!!!

Wow, thats a way to go!
I am so much looking forward to receiving mail from those fabulous artists!
This will be a great travel of art :-)

More pictures to come of different paintings in different stages.

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