Saturday, 30 March 2013

Face in the world

Do you remember my start on face in the world?

Some people who did the 29 Faces challenge in February have joined in groups of 5, starting a painting each and then posting them in a circle to the next participant.
Today there was a big envelope in my mailbox with two pieces of art from Pennsylvania and Texas.

Wonderful about this project is the diversity that lies within each start and how every participant follows along the lines and on the other hand adds purely their own art into the painting. I am so curious what my piece is looking like just now. I just heard that stitches are added to it for hair.

Now to the mail again. Here is Beth Gould's start:

I am going to work on it soon, but I will have to get a feeling for it first, give it a little time. But I'm looking forward to starting on it, as it is a wonderful collaged background, that will be great to work on and then just something on the face... :-) you will learn about it soon enough!

And here's a sneak-peek into Jackie Nichols' painting. See the eyes? They were added by Beth and they're just gorgeous!

Jackie has produced a wonderful background with layers of colours, in turquoise yellow, white. She has stamped and even stitched some ribbon onto her piece. Jackie added a subtle outline of the face and the lips, 

and now it is my turn to add something to complete the face. But there are two more people to contribute!


  1. Love your post! So funny, how the eyes are peeking through the box. Have fun and I can't wait to see what you add.

  2. Lovely! :D Thank you for your lovely visit!!

  3. Can't wait to see what will be coming my way!

  4. Wow! Amazing eyes! Cool project to work on!


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