Thursday, 3 January 2013


In an earlier post I told you about a birthday present I gave to my sister and my niece. A Creative session/afternoon.
So yesterday was the day for our creative session. Before we started, we had a cup of coffee and some creme brulé and a little talk about our New Years Eve- experiences.

We started out with an idea I got from Julie Fei Fan Balzer: feathers.

It was a good way to start, to let the creative spirit arouse.

And here are the feathers we did finish:

We started with rice-paper feathers. They have a soft character and turned out to be favored material for us to work with. The second feather was in a more sturdy material (photo print-paper).

The next thing we did were tags. This is a new media for all of us and I have only worked with tags a few times before. We did some collaging and working with layers and used tape to spare parts of our layout and worked over the tape, and removed it in the end. We used net and a simple stamp of cork to create liveliness in the layout.

Two of the tags were painted on both sides:

And one of mine a mini collage is going to be integrated in a bigger collage, which I started using different material: bits of a print I did last year, some toilet paper used to remove colour during the session yesterday and some pictures from a journal about artists of the 1980'ies.

In between we did projects more freely, my niece drew and painted this lady:

And my sister made a layout for a card:

It is truly a mixed media project, using water colour, ink pen, printing with net and some foil, which gives a shiny effect.

After we had dinner together and a cosy talk on the sofa our guests left, and I thought, I would use some of the leftover acrylic colours.
I put on some music and found the owl I drew on my wacom board and started this painting.

The owl got eyes and a beak...

Which I found out was too small, so I painted over it with white acrylic, and then

I somehow made the green colour float all over the painting! I took a break from the owl-painting.

These lines and colours were the last thing for me to work with, before I went sleeping last night:

It was a great session and my sister asked me to do a drawing session next time. We'll see :-)

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