Friday, 28 December 2012

Owl in black and white

Inspired by a photo and wanting to use the wacom board again I made this doodle drawing of an owl.


  1. I love your squiggly lines! HPPF!

  2. Illona this is beautiful! I love the "flourish" look within...oh to be able to draw this way. I am wondering what your plan is for this intelligent being. I read the "Guardian" series right along side my son, couldn't put them down - so I LOVE owls...this would be a pleasure to hang on anyone's wall. Is that what you will do or will it have another plan? It is so powerful just as is...wonderful eyes! "Let the sun shine" Samara

    1. Hi Samara! Thank you for your kind words! I really like owls very much too, so I kind of collect pictures (digital) of them and from time to time I make a drawing or painting with owls. I have done a collage last year (2011), maybe you want to find it here on my blog? And then I have transferred it to a linol-print. Actually I'm quite fond of that!
      I don't know about the "Guardian" I will have to find out about it.
      As a new years present, because you like my drawing, you may take a copy of this owl drawing and take a print of it to hang on your wall.

      Happy New Year!


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  4. Interesting and so well done. I like this style of drawing...almost surreal but you can see its an owl. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you all for your feedback! I really appreciate every one of you, who takes a peek in here and leaves a comment for me.
    Maybe I seem to be a bit straight forward, but it is meant in a positive way.

    I wish everybody a healthy and happy new year!


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