Sunday, 6 January 2013

Intermediate state of Owl

Working on it with graphite, pastel, crayons, acrylic - 

Evolving into something

Can you imagine this owl resting, before it has to take up an important task? - travelling across countries and delivering a message to the girl, who is now sitting in her room in a little house in a small town south of equator. 
:-) you cannot guess yet, where this girl lives. Rugana, the owl will have to go on it's journey and days, maybe weeks will have to pass, before we get closer to the place, where the girl lives...


  1. What do you all think? Did it take the right direction? It could have become a more abstract peace of art.

  2. I think it took the perfect direction. I love all the small intricate parts that give him definition. I think owls are among the most amazing creatures and you capture it fantastically. Not to mention the story that goes along with it! Love.
    Catherine Denton


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