Thursday, 29 August 2013

Making art and waiting for the new week to start

I've been working on a few things and still preparing for the show. I've also managed to add two canvases collaged and painted ready to hang on monday!!! Suddenly time is getting short and it's my second sons birthday on saturday too, so a day full of celebration and guests and delicious cakes and food for family and friends...mmh!

Here is what i produced lately:

The riding woman is my first painting with gouache paint only, on a paper splattered with a little water colour.

The painting below is for the exhibition:

worked on a square canvas (the photo didn't cover it all, sorry). I painted her after a digital sketch I have made some time ago...:

Before I sketched and collaged her on the canvas I did quite a lot of preparation. The canvas had been covered with a mixture of paint, earth and glue, which gave it a very rough texture. (I did this last year and then I put it aside, not knowing what to do further). Tiny stones are still visible in places.
Now I have started collaging backgrounds recently, you can see examples of it here and here and I just thought the very rough background could use some smoothness, so I found some of my torn up papers, strips this time that I glued onto the canvas. Then I played with different colours and mixed acrylics with liquid water colour. I let it dry and sketched the woman onto the canvas, collaged her in rice paper, because of the subtleness the paper has and the background would still be visible! I sketched on top of it with charcoal and added colour to her with water colour pencils. To me she looks very strong and determined, just what I really want to become - that's why I want to keep her! ;-)

The following face is sketched after one of Lucas Cranach the Elder's paintings. She is painted and drawn on water colour paper with some acrylic splatters serving as a nice background.

Last but not least a sketch in charcoal/pastel:

This was it for today/this week :-)
I enjoy very much concentrating on making art most of the days. How lucky am I? Soon other tasks will fill some of the space, giving Danish courses for parents at the local school. But that will hopefully be a good change, meeting people to talk to and hopefully have fun with!

So on monday will be the day when we put up the art and on thursday the 5. September there is a vernissage for interested people. A bit scary, but hopefully also a good experience, as I already know of a few people/friends, who will be there and make it all worth the nerves :-)

Hope you will have time to make art and stop by and visit the great artist gathering on Eva and Kristin's blog for the Paint Party Friday! 

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Beautiful work. Love the textured background of the canvas, and the Lukas Cranach sketch. Valerie

  2. Fantastic work this week, that canvas is beautiful, no wonder you want to keep her. Good luck withn your exhibition.

  3. Ilona it will be an amazing have such an phenomenal variety of gorgeous art here!! I have faith it will be a blast and everyone will know how wonderful and special you are!! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Amazing woman on the horse and your new painting for the exibition rocks! Love her. xox

  5. The Riding Woman comes with You to Art exhibition and the second lady, too. If You are nerves, remember, they are with You.
    The backround of the seconds painting is very interesting and creative, I like it very much. I like The first lady, too, because the colors are so fresch and all the painting is so consciousness.
    You are ready for art exhibition, I am sure. Enjoy this happen.

  6. Amazing work!Happy PPF and hugs from Brazil!

  7. all of these projects are so fantastic Ilona!! LOVE the riding woman and all the textures and layers in your exhibition piece. There's such depth in your portraits. Have a great weekend!

  8. wonderful stuff this week!

  9. That's a fantastic painting Llona. Great texture and good work with the gouache. Nice job.

  10. Ilona, you are certainly a fine painter and collager. I loved seeing your strong woman portrait. In fact I think all of the women you did are strong. Love the collage background.

  11. Really gorgeous work! Good luck with your exhibit! Happy PPF!
    Heather Santos
    Sparrows Journey Blog

  12. Just wonderful work -- the range of styles is amazing, and each one so thoughtful and deep. You inspire me to try new techniques. Good luck with your exhibit.

  13. Enjoyable studying your pieces here! HPPF!

  14. Awesome variety! The guache is gorgeous and really like your faces, beautiful colors and textures! Good luck with your exhibit, very exciting!

  15. Your artwork is amazing and brilliant!

  16. i love the variety of work you have done this week from the gouache to the textured portraits. very nice. i am fortunate, like you to be able to paint and do art with much of my time. i hope you enjoy showing your art on thursday. I am sure many people will enjoy seeing it.

  17. your faces are beautiful and I love that digital sketch! Good luck with your show!


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