Friday, 2 August 2013

A very busy week full of art

First of all I want to thank you for visiting and I hope I did get around to everyone who commented on my post at least! I've been so busy making art and tried to get around to people but at some point I kind of lost count. If anybody has advice for me as to how it is most easy to get through it on the PPF page, you are welcome to give me advice! The group has grown so much I can hardly get around to all the people!!!

I'm participating in a second round of Face in the World (FitW II) with Ayala Art on Facebook. (Earlier Face in the World posts). We are working in groups of three sending a postcard-sized start to the next in line. I'm in two groups and I have worked on two pieces from group members and my own starts of course.
I guess you would like to see a little of the work I've been doing? ;-)
Here are the starts I've worked on: group 6 (Ayala Art and Sandra Sherman). Sandra sent the outline of the face and I added a little colour to it, collaged a part of an earlier painting I had started. I added some water colour and acrylic to the background and highlighted with some gold circles.

And group 8 (Malissa Pribe and Ayala Art), for this face I found a picture of a boy that I liked very much to use as inspiration for the start that Ayala had made. I used pastels, acrylic and charcoal.

It is a lot of fun to do these collaborations! It can be scary to work on some body else's work of art, but it is so enjoyable too, to be part of an artwork that travels across the globe!

Also I've been working on a few small linol cuts cutting and printing with acrylics on all kinds of paper, post cards...I just love the expressiveness of the cuts!

Here is a collection of my prints:

Now back to work!
Sharing this with the artists on

Thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting the show!


  1. Oh very nice, is so brave to work on another person piece... I couldn't...good for you!! These are wonderful. Some weeks I get to everyone, other times I don't. This week I am picking my favorites to visit first and those who visit me, and then I start the list. Have a great weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Wonderful work!Happy PPF and hugs from Brazil!

  3. Those faces in the world are beautiful, love what you did with the second one! Must be so exciting to see what the other participants will do with it. Your prints are looking good too!

  4. great work, I'd be too scared to work on someone elses art, probably mess it up. So well done, Love the second one. zi love messing aaround with lino cuts too. Yours are wonderful!

  5. Tolle Werke Ilona, Du hast eine sehr produktive Woche gehabt! LG, Valerie

  6. Very nice! I love the face with the yellow background. Happy PPF!

  7. I love the faces in the world challenge - I saw your yellow background boy on Ayala's blog and it is lovely.

  8. I love the lino cuts! They are so much fun
    Oh and I am so happy to see what you did to my started piece... can't stop smiling :oD
    The one Sandra starred looks awesome too! ♥

  9. Lovely pieces! Co-working sounds interesting and fun! Love the lino cuts!

  10. Very interesting paintings. It is wonderful to paint together but as You said it is also a little scary. It's coming some very interesting...
    I like very much some faces You have printed and other works, too

  11. Lovely works. Stay creative and thank you for sharing with us!

  12. Love all the work, but the linocuts are much layering, love it. It is hard to get around to everyone, but I just keep going and try to do half the list one day and the rest the next. xox

  13. Einfach wunderbar, Deine Drucke, ich glaube das muss ich unbedingt auch ausprobieren ;) am besten gefällt mir der zweite und der letzte Druck ♥ Der Schmetterling ist auch seehr cool, hach Du inspirierst mich! ♥ Conny

  14. Wow, what great work. I enjoyed your last couple of posts. You are very good with portraits, and I love the linoleum prints. Thank you for your comment on my blog last Friday.


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