Saturday, 24 August 2013

Paper Saturday and Mix it Monthly

I found out today that we as a family needed a calendar in the kitchen. We use a calendar on the computer mostly. So I had a task for Paper Saturday :-)!!!
I found a piece of cardboard (from an old calendar?) that I used as the base.

Starting with a little greenish ochre and thinking of the "Mix it Monthly" challenge, and decided to combine paper art and a mixed up challenge.

I found some torn up paper that was painted and printed earlier.

I collaged it onto the background

mixed yellow and gold and added it to the collaged cardboard, the colour was just transparent enough to let the print and colours look through.

I sketched a face on top of it all with charcoal and adding grey pastel:

For the Mix it monthly challenge we were asked to use yellow green, red, violet colours and flowers. I decided to take butterflies for "flowers" and the golden colour for the ornament that also was thought to be used in the challenge.

Feeling that the background and the skin tones were difficult to see apart, so I added white acrylic:

Painting out the details in face and around the butterflies:

Here's what the finished piece looks like complete, I actually love it :D Happy to see this every day on my kitchen wall, 

only with the calendar pages hiding a good part of the painting ;-)

Hope you enjoyed the process and please hop over and visit Manon at Paper Saturdays
and Conny at Mix it Monthly!


  1. Oh Ilona wie grossartig zu sehen, wie das Bild entsteht....was ein cooler sketch und dann all die meisten genossen habe ich den Augenblick, als Du den Hintergrund geweißt hast! Jetzt erst ist das Bild vollkommen! Welch tolle Idee und so süss, dass der Kalender ihre Freizügigkeit dezent verdeckt ;) vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen bei Mix It Monthly


  2. Hi llona. This was very enjoyable. Loved the process. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow this is amazing. Thanks for showing how you did it.

  4. I really enjoyed watching your process photos of the calander! Happy Paper Saturdays my blog friend. Great to see you enter this I love it I hope you save the painting at the end of the year :)

  5. Loved the process and great idea. She could sit in my kitchen too. :)

  6. i like this painting very much. i love to use a collage background but am not good at keeping the bubbles out :) Adding the white at the end really makes your lovely image stand out.

  7. I love how she turned out! Thnx for sharing the in-progress pics!

  8. What a terrific painting and how fascinating to read how you made it. Thanks for all the details.

  9. Wonderful artwork!! Thank you for sharing your steps of process. They are so interesting for me!

  10. Gorgeous work, thanks so much for sharing!!

  11. I hope she gets to come out of hiding from behind the calendar at some point because she is very beautiful!


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