Friday, 26 July 2013

Paper art - collaged - repurposed - reused

First I want to thank all the kind people, who left a comment on last PPF's blogpost. The encouragement that I received was overwhelming and it tells me that I found a good place to share my art. Thank You!

For this week I have collected some of the pieces I have worked on with paper glue and colours. But first I want to share my start for an exquisite corpse I have done a few months ago. I hope I will see it return back to me soon!
I collaged a statue of Gorm the Old, who was king of Denmark around 930-40. And tried to continue the color for the face I let grow out of the picture. To add to the unnatural look I gave it red eyes and lips, which create a great contrast to the cool colors in the rest of the piece.

Below was meant to be a start to "Face in the World II"
But before I knew of it the face was there, though I only intended to make a hint for the participants to paint a face.

Below is the new start I did for Face in the World II. I collaged a piece of crepe de chine-silk onto an already painted cardboard and added more pastel and acrylic. I love it!!! 

I did a few recycling pieces. The two to the left are water colours I made about two years ago. I added some lines of pastel chalk and acrylic to loosen up the impression.
The other two are pieces done out of advertisement mail. I collaged and painted over them, which was quite funny.

The last piece I want to share today is a canvas I want to take to the exhibition.
I started painting it all black inspired by a quote, saying that every painting should start with a layer of black... I don't really remember it completely, sorry!

When the paint was dry I collaged bits of paintings and drawings I had made earlier, to cover the whole canvas.

I covered the paper with a layer of decoupage-varnish.

following a piece of paper I had painted with blue ecoline. The contrast is awesome!

Below I added one of my favorite golden acrylics.

I then added white acrylic, pastels and collaged a face on top of it all. Painted it with black and white and added lines with charcoal. The blue spots are again ecoline.

I'm quite fond of the result. It is hanging on my living room wall at the moment.
The size is: 40x40 cm or 15 3/4 square inches.

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  1. What wonderful artistic flare you have Dxx

  2. thank you for sharing the process Ilona and the great results. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Loved watching your process!! Very cool...and I see a face emerging from the crepe de chine-silk!! You have some heavenly work here!! Beautiful!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. So interesting to see the steps for the ladt piece and it turned out wonderfully.

  5. This was so interesting, thanks.Happy PPF.

  6. Thank You for sharing this interesting prosess. Your painting is amaising, I like it very much, the contrast, the shapes, lines and all.

    I also like Your painting about face, historic background and so on.... They demind me my own paintings about LionWoman.

  7. Love the complexity you achieved. HPPF!

  8. I'm always excited about paper art since it's my favorite medium. Lovely work I particularly like your art for Face in the World II. Happy Paint Party Friday.

  9. Ilona what really interesting and fascinating projects!!Love all the textures you have created.Happy PPF!

  10. I just really love your process.. thanks for sharing it with us!
    Stopping in from PPF to say hello...
    have an artful weekend!
    Renee xoxo

  11. Wonderful job of recycling! Beautiful works.

  12. Lots of results with the recycling projects. Great work. Thanks Ilona.:)

  13. Loved reading and seeing the process. The result was terrific. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Very interesting and inspiring pieces. Your art is so sensitive and timeless, beautiful! <3

  15. I love the textural feel in all your portraits. My favorite one is the silhouette in the collaged abstract in black, white and blue. Blessings!

  16. I can't wait to see how the Face in the World II paintings will turn out!
    What a fun post, thanks for sharing!

  17. Loved seeing your work - I really love texture myself - although some is not on purpose as I am very impatient and I sometimes add wet on wet acrylics to a face and end up with a very bumpy face LOL. That piece with the collaged face is really fantastic and i loved seeing the process!

  18. Loving the collage techniques you're using! I also like how you're sharing the stages that lead to your final canvas. Beautiful! Happy PPF!

  19. Beautiful art Ilona... love the inspiration here... and your canvas is gorgeous... full of luscious texture and wonderful with the face... happy weekend...

    Jenny ♥

  20. The last piece is truly inspired! Patsy from

  21. I love the texture and the interesting techniques you used to create it! It gives the piece a very unique and powerful energy! :)

  22. I love your works of art Ilona and I am so proud you have worked on my piece too. I am such a bad girl for still not having sent you the art I promised but it will be on its way to you this week. Lots of love from the UK :)

  23. Your canvas is marvellous and mysterious, and it's interesting to see all the layers building up to the final notes of your symphony, which is so mysterious. I love it, no wonder it is hanging on your wall.

  24. Ilona, you definitely create magic with paper and portraits. Beautiful and inspiring art style. Thank you for sharing

  25. Wonderful abstract piece, thanks for sharing!


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