Saturday, 14 February 2015

Colours and Faces

This week's work with faces and colours was a joy! Here they are:

Nr 8:

Nr 9:

Nr 10:

Nr 11:

Nr 12, charcoal

Nr 12, added acrylics:

Nr 13:

Nr 14:

I hope you enjoyed the show! I'm linking to the Paint Party Friday

Ok I did a major spelling mistake giving the sentence a completely different meaning. I've corrected that now and I look forward to visiting many artists in the coming week! 


  1. Hvor er det spændende at se de forskellige billeder som du laver! Jeg kan godt lide at du køre med forskellige stilarter :) Glæder mig til at se hvad du får lavet til næste gang :)

  2. Wonderful faces, love the contrast between the coloured ones and the black and white ones, fantastic selection! Hugs, Valerie
    Ups, falsche Sprache, sorry!

  3. Du får simpelthen lavet de mest fantastiske portrætter! Der er ikke én, som jeg kan fremhæve frem for de andre. De har alle deres udtryk - og jeg kan virkelig godt lide det.

  4. Wow your faces are incredible...What an amazing variation!! I especially love #9... thanks for sharing...your work has such depth and detail! So beautiful!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh ja und wie ich sie alle genieße Deine herrlichen Portraits Ilona!
    Einen schönen Sonntag Dir !

  6. Hvor er de bare fantastiske, dine portrætter, og så forskellige de er :-)

  7. They are a joy to look at too, so varied and with such distinct personalities.
    I think I like number 11 best because it is so colourful and happy, and number 9 because it is so intense.

  8. You have some wonderful faces here, Ilona. I love the different mediums you have used, especially #12. If that isn't Eleanor Roosevelt, it sure looks like her.

  9. So much depth in your faces! I think #8 and #12 are my favorites :)

  10. Love your variety in faces, and the different techniques you used all bring special results.

  11. Number 12 looks like Eleanor Roosevelt. These are all intriguing and you capture so much expression and personality in each. I love the way you handle color and composition. It's nice to see them all together.


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