Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Update on my "Birdlady"

I painted this portrait on a board I used for my oral exam to become an arts teacher. A few drawings were glued to the board and used to explain my ideas for a teaching-process. I wanted to paint a new portrait and was on the lookout for a painting surface and found the board. In stead of removing the drawings I painted over them and thought they could add some extra texture. They do that, but they also make the painting look a bit odd, because there are gaps in the painting.

Here is the painting as it looks now:

I enjoy the process of working on this painting a lot, it is still not finished. 
Thank you so much for your comments! They make me very happy!


  1. Beautiful work. Interesting composition with amazingly done face expression. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The overpainted drawings are determined to show that they exist and that they can add an unusual texture to the painting. The papers lifting away add a strange feeling of uncertainty to the painting that give it a special originality and feeling. You may be thinking of changing this, but I love it.
    I am sure your oral exam went well, and I just wish that you were my arts teacher - so I count myself lucky that I am able to visit and read your posts and learn from your artwork.


Your comments make me happy!