Saturday, 11 January 2014

Travelling Journal

Hi everyone!
I am participating in a travelling-journal-round this year that is initiated by Martha Ayala, who you all know I guess :-). She has created groups like 29 Faces, which is coming up soon again!

12 artists from around the world will create a journal and send it on to the next artist on a list.

I have created a page with links to the participating artist's blog. Here's a link to the The Travelling Journal page. You can find the link under the header of my blog as well!

Here is the first page I created in Anita Mistry's journal. I may be adding to it, but I'm happy with the outcome so far! Anita wanted us to use "the colours of India"/bright friendly colours. And so I went looking for inspiration on the net.
I started by collaging pink, yellow and orange papers onto the page and to give it a little contrast I added some greens.

I really loved the feel of this colourful collage! The bright and happy colours are quite different from, what I usually use, at least in that amount!
To evolve from there I had to find a face to paint, so I searched again, for people in India and found the image of a girl that I liked. I put some white acrylic over the collage and started to sketch the face with charcoal:

And added more paint and worked on details of the picture:

Here is the version I ended up with until now. It can rest for a while now and maybe I will get some ideas or things I would like to change.

I very much hope Anita will like the first page in her journal! I loved to work in it. It feels rather special, to do this kind of work for another person.

Because of my current situation I am going to reduce my blogging, but I'm going to post pictures from time to time without linking up with my favorite challenges and parties, as I am not able to get around to visit all the participants.

I am always happy to have visitors and I will visit you my dear blogger friends whenever time allows it. So feel welcome at all times! 


  1. Ohh Ilona, was ein farbenfrohes Gemälde!! So fröhlich schon die Collage im Hintergrund!! Sehr schön, auch die Schritte zu sehen, ich liebe das so sehr!! Ich bin mir sicher, wie wird die Seite lieben!!! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  2. This sounds like a really fun project! And I really like your cover and first page.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'll add an explanation of the wheat paste resist to my next entry.


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