Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mix it Monthly November

A new theme is up for the Mix it Monthly Challenge. This month it is: Children and Graphics combined with these colours:

I already did a few pieces with the colours. The first is a business card printed with a linol-print in the blueish colour. I added the pink to the background and black acrylic for the details of the face. The original print is barely visible!

The next piece is painted and collaged on an A4 sized piece of cardboard.
There are scraps of newspapers and paper with different prints and two small children climbing a ladder. 

 I added a face:

 and gave the whole thing some extra colour with a mono print technique.

The third piece I did is a small piece of green paper painted partly black, to which I added some bits of ribbon. Then I used a pink piece of candy wrapper, added some white acrylic and sketched a face onto it with black acrylic and a fine brush. Finally I printed on top of it all with a glass plate added color and scratched some lines into the paint:


  1. Ilona ganz wunderbar, Dir zuzusehen, wie Du mit dem MIM Thema spielst und kreierst...Der Sketch ist sehr ausdrucksstark, das gefällt mir...die Collage gefällt mir, mit ihrer schönen kann richtig ihre Gedanken lesen :) ja und dann die blaue Collage WOW grandios mit all den wunderschönen Texturen und das Papier, welches wie ein Vorhang aussieht...Vielen Dank fürs Mitmachen bei Mix It ist eine Freude Dich dabei zu haben ♥ Conny

  2. Boah Ilona --- wunderbar hast Du da gewerkelt..ich kann direkt die Muse spüren, die da bei Dir war..
    ich finde die blaue Collage am allerschönsten, wahrscheinlich weil ich blau und Grün Fan bin.

    Bei der mittleren Arbeit muss ich etwas schmunzeln...

    ihr stehn die Haare zu Berge und werden grün wenn sie sieht wie gefährlich die Kinder da krabbeln....

    sei lieb gegrüßt von


  3. Fabulous artwork, the second for Mix it Monthly is terrific and I liked that you showed the three stages.

  4. I LOVE that third piece! Painting on a candywrapper ... gosh! That is true mixed media :-) Very interesting to see the different steps of that second piece.Thanks for sharing!

  5. creative work! love the background and the sketch as well!

  6. Beautiful renderings in the selected colours, they all look so restful and peaceful. I particularly love the last one, with the unusual placement of the face at the foot of the picture.

  7. You are so creative and productive to do 3 pieces of art! I too especially like the last one and so intrigued that it has a candy wrapper in it. So cool!


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