Saturday, 9 November 2013

Beauty Queen

Hi you all! Thank you for your visits and for your comments. They mean so much to me, as this is the way I share my art. I'm not a professional artist and I don't sell my art … yet. So feedback from other creative people/artists help me get through times of doubt.

Today I share two pieces with you. They are inspired by a young woman I know, who is participating in a world wide beauty contest.
The first piece is a pencil sketch in my square portrait sketchbook. I sketched after a photograph with her natural look:

The second piece is a mixed media painting, sketching her face with charcoal, using a glue stick to smudge it out some and redrawing with a graphite stick and charcoal. I collaged the "dress" and painted the gold and white acrylic mix to the background and finished it all off with some doodles.

Sharing this with Paint Party Friday

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
A special wish for well being and healing to all of you who are suffering illness, small or big!


  1. Wonderful! I love the mixed media girl with the bright yellow. Lovely :)

  2. two very different approaches but really nice! Your pencil sketch is beautiful.

  3. i love your second piece those colours just pop! great to find you via the saturday linkup x

  4. Hi llona. I like the two different styles.great work. Thanks.

  5. Great work, love the sensitivity of the sketch and the strength of the second.

  6. Wow..stunning..her face is beautifully done! I love the shading and soft light on ehr face...fantastic! The mixed media painting is unique and intriguing...shining with life-force and spirit..the yellow is fascinating as a backdrop..very eye-catching!
    Wonderful works Ilona.
    Happy PPF
    Victoria, pencil and wing

  7. Hello Ilona, I like your pencil sketch very much. Both are good, but the first one talks to me. Have a nice evening!

  8. i love both of these - especially the second one. :-)
    And you don't need to be a professional artist, to be an ARTIST.
    You just need to paint and draw and sculpt and dance as often as you can.
    Just keep doing what you're doing. You're on the right path. :-) xox

  9. Your pencil drawing is lovely, and I hope that she achieves her dream. I found your creative process with the mixed media piece very interesting and original in your use of materials. The image that emerged is a special piece, which seems to have seen beneath the surface and shown her inner vulnerability and uncertainty - I wish I could be as brave as you in my creative efforts.

  10. You captured her features beautifully!

  11. Wow these are great faces. The first one shows amazing depth.

  12. Impressive work...I love the yellow mixed media piece which really portrays your unique style. You present a vulnerability in the beauty queen. This is a powerful piece!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. I really like the bottom one and you maybe should start thinking about selling some of your art. :) Happy Paper Saturdays. ManonXx

  14. That first portrait is absolutely beautiful .... love it!

  15. She's truly gorgeous! I especially like your first sketch. Blessings!


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