Monday, 24 June 2013

Children's art and my own art

Today and yesterday my daughter and her friend and I worked on different paintings and objects. 
I'd like to show you what my daughter and her friend have worked with: a sculpture with an owl carrying an ice-cone and a snail

My daughter has prepared a canvas for further work:

And the two girls painted over two portraits I have done earlier, and which I didn't want to keep:

Do you remember I told you about the face in the world? It is quite a long time ago a group of people from Ayala Art's 29 Faces group started the project. You can see two posts about it here and here. Today I completed one of the portraits. I collaged the blouse and added some of the background colour. The blouse is a drawing of shells with coloured pencils, on top of which I glued rice paper with some light blue water colour inc. She will be sent to Audrey in the US very soon!

I also did this little painting, which my daughter already has hung in her room. She said she liked it as it was, though I wasn't really finished!!! :D 

Below I made use of an idea another artist shared on Facebook. She always uses a canvas as a palette when she works on a painting. That is what I have started doing. Below you can see one of those canvases. As my supply of acrylic is limited to a few colours including the primary colours, I often use those in my paintings and mix the colours as I need them.

And finally a canvas on which I used different materials acrylic, pastels, water colour. I want to give it away and would like to hear some opinions from you. 

I'm linking this to: Paint Party Friday


  1. Beautiful and creative works Ilona! Glad that you are making use of the time creating and bonding with your daughter. I especially like the blond girl with the glasses. Btw, do you mean hosting a giveaway? If so you can simply ask who wants one and those people who responded will be raffled off for a chance to win your painting. Great work!

  2. Ganz viele sehr schön und kreative Arbeiten, toll! LG, valerie

  3. Wonderful bright works, both yours and your daughter's. I love the painting your daughter already has in her room. She has good tastes. Also, your palette is wonderful. A painting unto itself.

  4. What a wonderful, art-filled post!
    And how wonderful that you and your daughter share the love of art!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. So many wonderful works on here! I love the idea of using a canvas as palette. That looks so great, and of course I see a face in it already .... :-)

  6. So much creativity here and all very wonderful and recycling too! ~ thanks for visiting ~ happy day to you! ^_^

  7. Hello wonderful artworks by your daughter..excellent and wonderful to see! And you creations are stunning..full of life and beauty the bold richness of colors..very potent and shining with harmony! Love it! and I am loving he portrait..gorgeous lady with the shells...she is full of enchantment and mystery..fabulous!!
    Thanks for sharing your magical fun to visit you!
    Happy Creating!

  8. I love the playful style and spirit of all these pieces! The lady is lovelwith the glasses too and what fun to make art with kids!


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