Friday, 26 April 2013

Not for PPF today, just for you and me :-)

To begin with I want to thank all my visitors from last week! It was amazing to get so many comments on my blogpost! I really appreciate your comments and love to visit all your places and leave a word for you too!
Some of you have changed your set up, so I was not able to comment, as I haven't joined Google+. I may need to look at that, but not now.

Today I will not link to PPF, as I know I don't have time to visit a 100 blogs the next few days, but I will visit everyone who leaves a comment!
I have done a little something during the week, and signed up for an exquisite corpse round, which I am looking forward to very much! It will be great fun, I hope, with a special group of people, who came together, and agreed on no restrictions for our paintings/drawings ... rather exciting!

Here are a few things I have played with:

Small pieces of art for my art abandonment. I wanted to do some colorful pieces for people to be found. I also agreed with Lauri from the US to send her some pieces to abandon in the states and vice versa. I'm looking forward to that!

Here are now a few WIP for abandonment:

For one of my collaborations I want to prepare a piece of fabric with gesso, to send around the world and paint with five or six other artists. To find out if it works, I have gessoed two different kinds of fabric yesterday. Here are photos after one layer of gesso, I might need to give them another layer.

I have made a sketch of a woman's face, which I want to draw with colored pencils:

I hope I will be able to draw her, so people, who know her will recognize her! :-)

And as preparation for the exquisite corpse round I have played with linol prints. One I finished:

The other I needed to sketch onto the linol, before I forgot the idea!

Hope you enjoyed the "show" and now to the real world and the hard work. Wish me luck with my study products! Still a lot of writing to do as preparation for the exam.

Have a wonderful week-end everyone!


  1. Great work! Hope your study and exams go well.

  2. Ilona, your new study/class sounds like it will be educational and fun. I enjoyed your show today and all the variety you show in your work. I think of all the things you have posted this week, my favorite is the second one. But all are fascinating.

  3. Wow..these are all so beautiful..and magical!I love the little beings near the branch!Fabulous linol prints..very cool!!

  4. you have had a fun, full and creative week. good luck with your studies. happy ppf

  5. I love weeks when I have done all sorts of bits and pieces... the lino prints are fab and I do like the crumpled gesso fabric... would be fun to paint on that...xx


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