Monday, 10 December 2012

I've done some playing around with different backgrounds and colors. The first two pictures are made from a mono print done at school with a wide brush and acrylic. 
Some of the pictures are taken on an intermediate stage (the pages aren't finished) ;-)

The first page was colored with water color,

on the second page I used pastels and tea. 

A friend of mine has been to Australia and taken a lot of photos of plants and animals, which she shared with me, as she knows I like to draw/paint, integrating nature in my work. Thank you, Eva!!!
So you can guess that this locust is from Australia. 

Newspaper strips collage on black foundation/art journal, painted with acrylic and black oil pastel.

In the week end I made some tags (the first ones that are really finished) for my sister and my niece
who've had birthday in December and I have chosen to give them a creative session for their birthdays. I am really looking forward to having a great time and crafting with some wonderful beings.

The last picture is a portrait of a girl in two different media, pastel and water color.
I find she is my favorite girl :-)


  1. Thank you Ilona for your visit! You have a lovely page here!Lots of artwork that I am enjoying looking at! I liked the locust and the faces especially!
    Read that you are training to become a teacher, best wishes to you! (I was a teacher too! oh..still am!)

    1. Dear Za faran! (I am not quite sure if I should just write one name) Thank you for your kind words and good wishes.


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