Sunday, 19 July 2015

Inspiration for future work

I'm going to this course in Denmark/Århus:

Artists' Book Course

and I'm very curious about it and hope it will be a lot of fun and inspirational!

Otherwise I'm playing with my paints on paper, trying to capture moods with acrylic and a brush. Here are a few impressions of yesterday's work:

Putting some paint on paper; choosing a photo, to sketch a face; putting glue on top; add some more paint...

Adding paint from my wet palette and adding glue on the dry paint:

Fooling around with paints and scraffitti:

A portrait sketch, starting with a layer of graphite, taking off layers with an eraser, then adding and taking away until I thought it had the right variety of light and dark:

I'm working on a chocolate box decorated with acrylics and adding small paintings, that have the size of the chocolate pieces:

A few tiny sketches of old masters' portraits:

And a "copy" in my sketchbook. I was drawing a portrait and this turned up on the backside of my drawing :-)

Finally a sketch of a sculpture from an international art exhibition

I just noticed that writing these comments about my work/process creates awareness! You might call me stupid that I only notice this now, but that's the way it is with me. I'm a bit slow sometimes!
Have a wonderful new week!

Ilona :-)


  1. Brilliant talent, but how does it benefit the U.S.? Just a rhetorical question.


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