Friday, 9 May 2014

some surprises in the mail and some new art

Hi all!
I've told you about my bachelor-project and it is now handed in. YES I DID IT!!! :D
Now the last task for me is, to get through the oral exam… I will manage somehow ;-)

But now to the fun part - art!
When I returned home after a few days of writing-exile I found a pile of mail on my desk. First to mention a tiny (not really that tiny!) but fat envelope from Marji, who had posted a "Pay it forward"-post on her blog some weeks ago. I was the first person to sign up for some art from Marji, how could I not??? :-) She is an amazing artist! (You can still join in the game on my post: collection-of-pieces-i-have-worked-on)

Here are a few photos of her art-gift for me:

A booklet of collage and wax-paint combined, a very energetic piece.

Thank you so much for this treasure, Marji! I'm preparing your piece, almost posted a WIP, but stopped myself just in time ;-)

Then I received my journal page from Audrey Breed! She is an artist from Tennessee. Since I got into the artist-groups on Facebook, Audrey has been part of my artist existence. She is an experienced person in art and life and always ready to give advice and share her knowledge. You see, she is amazing! :-)

And here is her beautiful and quirky piece of art already on my wall:

Also in my mail was my traveling journal cover I had prepared, to protect the journal pages. Unfortunately it was too bulgy and made mailing more expensive :(
I asked Manon to mail my journal without the cover. Manon was so kind and sent the cover back to me and with the cover she sent some of her lovely paper dolls:

Wow, thank you Manon! I'm looking forward to "building" them together with my daughter! As if that wasn't enough I also received a painting from Manon:

"The Lady-bird Keeper"
I love it! Thank you Manon!!!

Now a little bit of my own art work:
You know I love to draw faces and I'm drawing faces almost daily. Here is one of the latest works:

Graphite sketch in my faces-journal.

The last piece for today is a little mug I like to use for my coffee:

I painted with derwent art bars on water color paper. The mug is from a pottery in Denmark (Fanø).
The painting is partly inspired by Marc Chagall, but mainly it is inspired by Conny of Mix it Monthly and it is my contribution to the May challenge with the theme Coffee/Cafë. 

I'm sharing this on Paint Party Friday

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Fabulous treats from wonderful artists not to mention your gorgeous pieces! Good to see you back and congratulations on completing your bachelor project and all the best on your oral exams!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Welcome back Ilona. Congrats with your study and thank you for sharing such a lovely and inspiring in many ways art! good to have you back.

  3. What wonderful gifts you've received.
    I seriously love your own "Coffee" painting, the wonderful background, the pretty mug and the fascinating little faces at the bottom.

  4. Super gifts! I love your artwork too, gorgeous :)

  5. What great gifts llona. Just awesome. Love you latest painting too. She kind of resembles Angelina in Malficent or something like that, the new movie due out on May 30th. Nice work and thx. for stopping by my blog-good to see you again.

  6. What really gorgeous art gifts Ilona! Your graphite portrait is very striking and your cup painting a beautiful contrast in color and style.

  7. Wow! Lots to see this week. You are a lucky lady to receive so many art pieces. Your faces are so well done. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Holy canoli! First of all, that graphite sketch of yours is a KNOCKOUT! I love it!

    Second, you have some wonderful art friends! I love Manon's painting, and her paper dolls are utterly charming!

  9. Lovely mail surprises, and your work is amazing too.

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  11. Your graphite sketch is so beautiful and mysterious, reminds me of Brigitte Bardot. I also love that quirky lady by Audrey Breed. You have such lovely arty friends. Happy PPF

  12. Congratulations to your examen! You did it good. Now we can hope to see more of your art in the future, i think. You got so many amazing posts and your own art is so beautiful, especially the face of course!

  13. Wow amazing art!Love the sketch!! Nice gifts as well and congrats on your studies!

    Annabelle : )

  14. Wow you received some amazing gifts in the mail. I am so impressed with your faces. This one is just just well just fantastic!

  15. Congratulations on completing your project and welcome back. That is a huge accomplishment. Love seeing the art gifts you have received. Your face is so expressive. You inspire me.

  16. oh my, you really got spoilt ... :-) Some wonderful presents for you after all the hard work you put in with your studies. Congratulations! Love that sketch you did!

  17. So schön, Dich wieder zu leßen, liebe Ilona :) und ganz herzliche Glückwünsche zum bestandenen Examen. Hast du deinen Bachelor in Kunst gemacht, frage ich mal ganz mutig?
    Einen tollen Willkommem-Zurück-Post hast Du gezaubert.
    Viele, viele liebe Grüße zu Dr!


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