Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mix it Monthly May

Making a slow start reentering the blogging world with Mix it Monthly
I have created three small paintings with the coffee-theme Conny has chosen
for the month of May. I put them into a photo-collage:

("Madam blå" is a classical Danish coffee-pot)

I used three water colour paper pieces, sketched my ideas and painted with derwent art bars and a brush. I enjoyed it and hated it…I wasn't really happy with the result and added some dry art bar-paint and smudged it with a wet cloth. I guess I miss the combination of acrylics and pastels that really give some texture and really dirty fingers :-).

Still have an oral exam to do before I can celebrate, but I got a lot closer, when I handed in the bachelor-project. YAY!!! :D


  1. HI ilona, schön dich wieder zu sehen. Mir gefällt dein Triptychon für MIM gut. Viel Glück mit den Mündlichen Prüfung! Valerie

  2. Hach Ilona ich bin ganz hin und weg, von Deinen drei fröhlichen Bildern! So kreativ und alle so verschieden! Das Mittlerste ist mein Favorit wegen der lustigen Hühner und der Häuser!
    Ich bringe beide Daumen hoch für ein paar "Closeups"
    :D nicht bevor ich Sie Dir gedrückt habe für Deine Prüfung :) Danke für Deinen Kaffeebeitrag zu Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  3. I love this beautiful trio of paintings! They work so well together.


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