Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday evening post

Hello everyone! So nice to greet you on my blog, where I will show you some of the things, I'm working on at the moment.

I have bought new paper recently and as I used only half of an A3 sized sheet of 230 gsm/108 lbs Winton oil colour paper, I decided to use the rest for two small booklets. One with the theme: "A visit in Israel" and the other with "women/faces" I will only show a few of the sketches of faces I did for the second booklet just now.
I will work more on these faces, probably with gouache.

I also worked a little more on the last portrait I did for the 29 Faces challenge:

Still a lot to be done before it is finished, but the color suits her well, I think :-)
I wish you all a wonderful week end!

Sharing this with Paint Party Friday - thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting!


  1. I really like the depth and emotion in the eyes of your third drawing! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Tammie! It was the sketch I used most time on of the three and the woman had a very strong expression :-)

  2. my favorite drawing is the first one - interesting paper !

  3. So wonderful..these are all so stunning!! I love the gorgeous expressive faces and the beautiful the color! The first face really calls out to me..I love the shading..they are all sublimely wonderful...fantastic painting have been busy creating!! Thanks for sharing these visual treasures!!

  4. Beautiful work, love the expressions on their faces. Valerie

  5. such lovely sketchings and your beautiful painting is really coming together!

  6. Lovely sketches and your painting is wonderful, great colors! <3

  7. loving your skeches and your fab painting. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. You are very good with faces, very :-)
    I have done now something else...but brushes are waiting...
    Have a nice saturday evening :-)

  9. Wonderful sketches, can't wait to see what else you do with them! Always a pleasure to visit here Ilona...especially when we are greeted so sweetly!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Your people are so real! love the painting.

  11. Beautiful sketches Ilona, your creativity inspires. Thank you for sharing

  12. i love these faces... especially the 3rd one. The painting/collage is wonderful too. Great work! xox

  13. Your sketches are incredible! The last one's expression took my breath away - so talented :)

  14. Guten Morgen, liebe Ilona!
    Deine Zeichnungen sind wunderschön und ich frage mich gerade, mit welchem "Stift" sie gemalt wurden. Besonders das erste Gesicht gefällt mir sehr in seiner "Unfertigkeit", die mir als Betrachterin die Möglichkeit gibt, Dinge zu entdecken, die vielleicht gar nicht da sind... :) Es ist dieser Zustand, in dem noch alles passieren kann und ich bin schon gespannt darauf, wie es weitergehen wird.
    Ich wünsche Dir eine sonnige Herbstwoche!
    xoxo Erika

  15. Ilona I came by to link up to last weeks PPF and saw I had missed you... was so proud that I got around to comment last week and hate that I missed you and your gorgeous work... these drawings are just wonderful... your line work is exquisite... xx

  16. Der erste Sketch ist mein weich das Gesicht und ihr Ausdruck! Das Gemälde sieht jetzt schon grossartig aus!! Ja die Farben passen wirklich gut ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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