Friday, 18 October 2013

Art that travelled the World

Remember the international collaboration I told about earlier? Seven women from around the world grouped together and made a start on a piece of fabric and sent it off. This means that every one of us added somehow to every piece we got in hand. I showed you a bird once that I did for Milo:

and a woman riding on a horse for Audrey Breed, who is a Japan-lover:

And for Manon Wisser I added acrylics, pastels and charcoal. I need to show you the finished piece also, which turned out amazing

Here is the finished version:

The past week I have received three pieces of the collaboration. One of them my own :-)))
Here is Malissa Priebe's piece:

Malissa prepared a white square for each participant to paint and I found a photo of an albino child from Asia that was so adorable and painted it.

The following piece is Sandra Sherman's piece that is going back to Australia, as soon as I finished it completely. I'm not quite sure, maybe you have a suggestion for me how to complete it? To the left you see the piece how it arrived to me. I added the greens and animals and flowers:

This is my start, that I sent off to Australia in May. I added metallic colored acrylics to a silk dupion square and sketched the woman on top.

And this is what came back to me after it had travelled from Germany to Australia, different states in the US and Canada and over the big water to the UK and back home:

I absolutely love this piece and have to thank all you participants for working on my start! You are amazing!!!

I've been on a little holiday with my family in Copenhagen, where we were at an exhibition about Frida Kahlo, with some of her wonderful artwork. We stayed at the museum for more than three hours, which is a lot for a nine year old and a teenage boy!!! I love my family for giving me that time and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go back the next day :D but we didn't, we visited an underwater world with all kinds of fish and other creatures which was amazing especially for my children!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sharing this with the amazing artists from PAINT PARTY FRIDAY!


  1. Lucky you. Sounds like you've been having fun. Great pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah, collabs are so fun, huh? I'm doing an ongoing 7 year art journal project with my friend. I doubt we'll ever stop.

    You were so fortunate to see Frida's work up close, in person. Wow!! What must that have been like? I can only wonder. :)

  3. What a fabulous idea and treasure for everyone at the end.

  4. Wow these collaborations are fabulous!! The bird is beautiful and so are all the rest...fascinating pieces....what a great post today. Love that you got to see Frida's work up close and fun! So glad your family stuck it out for you!! Did you sneak any photos? It would be so tempting!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. You have very interesting job going. Exiting to wait what is coming back. Wonderful paintings.
    I have a little take a break, too, but I am at home making my totem ready. While glue is drying I draw a Mandala-challenge.

    Have a nice days with family. Greetings to Your very amaising children.

  6. This is really fantastic, looks like you all had great creative fun! Valerie

  7. Lovely post and absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring creations. Thank you for sharing

  8. wow-what a fantastic collaboration-stunning art! I got to see a Frida exhibit not far from me some years ago and my friend and I were there for hours too-amazing. Glad you got to enjoy it too!

  9. Wow..what a truly magnificent post, very inspiring creations from all over the world! Thanks for sharing this special experience..magical and fantastical! I love each piece..all so unique and dreamy! and yay, sounds like you had a lovely time at the Frida happy for you!
    Many hugs friend!

  10. What a fantastic and exciting idea!! Each piece is beautiful in its own way. Happy PPF!

  11. What a wonderful collaboration, and the results are all stunning, particularly the last one. Those pieces are much travelled artworks. Oh, how I would love to visit a Frida Kahlo exhibition, I am glad you enjoyed it so much. And your youngsters are to be congratulated on their patience in letting you enjoy it for so long.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog - much appreciated.

  12. That sounds like so much fun! I love the uniqueness of each of these pieces and how the process allows for serendipity results. Blessings!

  13. I am a bit behind on looking at ppf posts. These shared works are stunning. There is a magic that occurs in collaborative art works. The piece takes a life of its own owning to the creativity of all involved. I enjoyed seeing what you have created.


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