Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Second floor challenge

So the last challenge for Julie and Nat was the first try for me...
It is quite a challenge for me to use those 6 colours, especially the primary colours! Though I have chosen shades of them not the most clear/brights ones from Itten's colour circle.

I used pastels only and fixative whenever I finished with a colour.

Starting up with yellow - another challenge filling the paper with this colour, adding orange in the way I usually work with pencils, or ink pens.

With green I did something different, I put peace of knotted yarn under my paper and rubbed the green pastel on top of my paper and a kind of reflection of the yarn appeared on the front.
Next I used the dark red chalk and it is a colour I really like. Then it was time for violet and at last blue, which I used very carefully, because it was a strong colour, on top of the yellow.

Taking it to the second floor? - this explosion of lines and colours is much too much for me. But what can I do to subdue it, while keeping the style?

I chose rice paper, torn into peaces, and glued it onto the drawing. I took a cardbord-peace and used it to paste on some white acrylic onto the rice paper. It still didn't convince me. So I started drawing on and around the white acrylic. This seems to do it! But still some work to do on it ;-)

With a dark grey pastel I started drawing lines and filling spaces, and bye and bye the picture became a unity.

Finished? - I guess so, but there may come something more into my mind for this.

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