Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Reading literature

I've started reading "Northern Star" by Stewart Parker, as we are working with Ireland in our teaching training. More precisely we have to prepare a project about Ireland for 9th graders.
Me and my group mate are preparing a cross curricular project including English, History, Religion and Art (of course ;-)).

In my search for material I came across a play by Stewart Parker and as writing a play/acting a play is one of the options for the pupils, I ordered the book: Plays 2 - Northern Star, Heavenly Bodies, Pentecost. I do not expect my pupils to act out the whole play, but they might get some inspiration from this and I really like, what I'm reading. There are many references to the Irish history and that is exactly what we need for the project.

Maybe I will come up with some drawings inspired by the plays?

We'll see...

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