Sunday, 23 September 2012

Waiting for ignition

I have to hand in a writing task, quite a big one, but I just can't get myself to finishing it!
I startet off quite well with the creative part, writing a short story and making the layout for the whole thing, but now the tedious part has to be finished, and I move around it like a "cat around the hot mash" (German saying).

Now, today is really the day I have to do it, and I have made a schedule for myself to get it done. I just hope, I do stick to it! The idea is, to set off three hours around midday, in which I do the rest of the writing. That will be writing about 2/3 of an exam paper. Fantastic idea! But it must be done.

As soon as it is done, I will post the finished version of "Debt to be Discharged", so something will hopefully happen here at least once more today :-)

Did hand it in, though the story did not come to a good end. I'll have to rewrite it before I post it.

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  1. It kind of helps, I've come a whole lot farther! Still need an hour or two to finish it off though!


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