Friday, 14 September 2012

Give me relief

This story is related to an article I read on the newspaper in spring. It was the cause, why I chose modern slavery for my contemporary arts project in the spring. I have posted some pictures under the title samtidskunst-contemporary art.

Give me relief

When are they coming to open the shop? I need to get out, to get some food, but they don't give me any money.
Maybe I could steel away from the house, and find something out there some where.
I'm so afraid (crying) ....

Sticky and dirty is the tiny space in which I am living.

Mmmmmmmmmh, he hi he ha, he hi ha hi ha he... hi he heee... I'm running across a field, my brother is chasing me. He wants me to take care of the goat. I'm laughing, because I know he can't get me. I hide in a place, where it's nice and cosy and sometimes butterflies flutter about. They are going to settle down on me, if I sit really still. Suddenly my stomach rumbles and I wake up from my dream. I'm really hungry and the insects that fly around my head are fat flies. I try to wave them off me, but my arm is too weak. My tongue is feeling too big for my mouth. I'm really thirsty, and I start moving towards the water tub, I try to turn the tap. It is not my strength that fails. They must have turned it off.
I try to shout, but I can cry as loudly as ever, nobody will hear me. The walls are built to strongly to let any noise from outside in or from the inside out.

I sit down, waiting.

I guess they will come and open the shop today or tomorrow.
If I go to sleep in my cabin maybe I will be able to forget the hunger... my stomach hurts. My whole body is screaming for some nourishment. Pictures of the delicious food my mother prepared for us in the festival season come to my mind. Dry tears run across my face, as I rest my head on my shoulder. I don't have tears inside me, only hurt. Suddenly I see the face of my mother in front of me. She wants to tell me something, but I can't hear her. In my thoughts I tell her "Get me out of here, give me some of your delicious rice" and then I collapse.

I wake up, hurting and freezing. Why am I so cold? I look around, and try to pull some blanket over me. It doesn't help.

I retch and at the same time I urge for water. I try to crawl to the tub again, but I feel so tired as soon as I turn my body in that direction I just break down... The butterflies are there again, this time they sit on my head and on my arms; and I smile inwardly. Then the stench of my own body creeps into my nose and I start retching again. Certainly my body is not able to give anything away.

I lie with my eyes closed, waiting for relief...    Something must happen.

A weird kaleidoscope of visions is running through my mind as I'm lying there.

I feel so weak and so hungry and I'm hurting violently and I'm not able to move. Somebody must come and relieve me...


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