Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello dear friends and fellow bloggers!
I miss blogging and I miss you all! So I have decided to schedule my time for blogging and other computer related time more strictly this coming year. I hope it will work!
I have been practicing faces all year long and I enjoy it very much. I have mostly done drawings in graphite and charcoal and recently I've started painting again with acrylics, which I enjoy very much. There has come a lot of color into my paintings :-)

Now here's some of my art inspired by the old masters:

"La Bella Pricipessa" by Leonardo da Vinci, this painting is acrylic on watercolor paper. I've got it framed, which makes it look like a real piece of art! 

 Isabella d'Este by Titian, graphite and pastel drawing on my favorite "drawing paper", not finished

 Catharina van Aragon by Juan De Flandes. 
I'm still working on this! It is hopefully going to hang on a wall in our local hospital in the cancer tracing/control section. I've accompanied someone last summer, who was diagnosed with cancer and it was such a dreary place. So I immediately thought it would be nice, if there were some beautiful pictures hanging on the wall. I'm going to ask the hospital, if they would like some art for their walls. Luckily the person I was with, did get an operation that was able to remove the cancer.

Wishing everyone a year of hope and with possibilities to move on in your life in a way that you wish for. Sometimes that can be hard to accomplish, maybe we need to change our point of view to be able to move or to see other possibilities
And sometimes only the tinyest steps are possible.
My best wishes to you

Sharing this with the wonderful people at Paint Party Friday
And also at: Art Journal Journey (which is a first for me)


  1. Wow wonderful work Ilona! I hope you have a wonderful New Year and all that you aim for is accomplished. Sharon

  2. Love your work. I don't blame you for reducing blogging time. Gives you more time to paint!

  3. Beautiful! Our theme at Art Journal Journey is inspired by the masters, would love for you to link there! Happy New Year, Valerie

  4. Großartig Ilona!
    EIn frohes neues Jahr -
    Valerie hat es schon geschrieben,
    Deine tollen Arbeiten würden perfekt zu unserem Januar Thema bei


  5. These are fantastic. I love the old masters, and you really got the feel of it. Happy New Year!

  6. Your master studies look gorgeous! They're wonderful and so nicely done :)

  7. Very beautiful, Ilona. Keep up the good work. Love the color.

  8. Beautiful pieces, Ilona! I have similar blogging goals for the new year, so I hope we'll "see" each other more often!

  9. Thanks for linking to AJJ, hope to see you there again! Hugs, Valerie

  10. what really beautiful portrait paintings Ilona! I do hope the hospital takes you up on your offer. It would be wonderful to have the area filled with colorful art. Happy New Year!

  11. I love these portraits and I hope the hospital displays them. Art always helps me feel better when I'm in a hospital or doctor's office. These have such deep expressions, I think they'd be very healing for the thoughts they inspire. Love the colors and compositions.

  12. Oh my gosh!! Is all I can say. Yes, I hope the hospital contracts with you.

  13. Wonderful inspired art and Happy New Year!

  14. All amazing painting.

    Love Chrissie x

  15. liebe Ilona,
    vielen dank für deinen besuch auf meinem blog. na, das aktuelle ajj Thema ist ja wie für dich gemacht mit deinem maltalent! das hier ist jedenfalls schon mal ganz wunderschön geworden!

  16. What outstanding portraits.
    I love the first, she looks modern and yet not modern with her braided hair and calm face..
    The second is different, she has such personality, and you have painted it with a restricted palette of colours, that's very clever. Love her hat.

    It's a wonderful idea to have art on hospital walls, whenever I have seen that, it makes the corridors and rooms so much brighter and happier - for the visitors at least, and I believe it works for the patients too.

  17. Lovely work Ilona. Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year, Ilona!!! I admire your work, your style is very beautiful, inspiring and unique. Very thoughtful and inspiring idea of having your art in hospital!

  19. Beautiful! What a wonderful idea :)

  20. Oohh das sieht soooo fantastisch aus,bin mehr als begeistert,der stil gefällt mir total.

    XXX Jeannette

  21. So glad to see you back Ilona...gorgeous work! Good for you!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. Wunderbare Portraits! Auch wenn die letzten beiden noch nicht fertig sind ... sie sehen schon jetzt sehr gut aus! Sehr beeindruckend!

  23. Wonderful works, and inspirations ~ both your's and those that influenced your creations. Lovely!

  24. Beautiful paintings and what a lovely idea to hang some paintings at the hospital. I am sure they will agree..

  25. These are wonderful. I especially like Isabella. What a good place to share your art. I hope it works out for you.

  26. What beautiful pieces here! I would have it framed too! I love LA BELLA... gorgeous. Happy New Year to you & your family! xx

  27. Ein frohes neues Jahr, liebe Ilona und alles Liebe wünsche ich Dir!
    Deine Damenportraits sind fein anzuschauen, lassen dennoch Raum für eigene Gedanken und Interpretationen. Freue mich schon darauf, Dich wieder häufiger im Blogland zu sehen.


  28. So schöne Portraits - du malst ganz wunderbar!

    Das Malen habe ich mir für dieses Jahr auch einmal wieder vorgenommen und hoffe, dass ich es umsetzen kann....

  29. lovely to see your faces
    i enjoy the layering of colors that creatures a feeling of texture
    art in hospitals is a wonderful thing
    anything to make them feel more welcoming and even beautiful is helpful to healing
    i am happy to hear that your friend is well now


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