Friday, 15 August 2014

Paint Party Friday, Week 23, Year 4

I can't tell you how fast time is running, I can't keep up with it! :-)
I'm going to tell you, what has been going on recently and of course I'll show you some art I've been creating.

Friday last week my eldest son moved out, to live with three friends closer to their school. Wow that is a weird feeling. He's growing up! And I feel happy for him, because he get's the chance to grow up and become independent. But there are a lot of worries as well of course. I hope he will enjoy his time and be the reasonable and sensible person I know him as!
Two days later on Sunday my second son moved to a boarding school, where he is finishing his primary school education. It seems like he is doing well so far. The last two days I haven't heard from him ;-). It is a great school with a lot of varied possibilities for the pupils to learn and engage themselves in meaningful occupations. So far one of his favorites was kayaking!
This means we are three persons left in our household. And more changes will happen here with me getting into more teaching related work.

Now to my art…
For the Travelling journal I have done a page in Beth Gould's journal. Her theme is "Through the Eyes of a Child" and I have created a page inspired by one of my childhoods favorite stories/movies: Emil of Lönneberga. A story written by Astrid Lindgren about a boy who constantly gets into trouble with his father because of small accidents that happen to him.
Here is the page I did:

I used pencils and gouache for this page and it was inspired in the composition by Marc Chagall, as I had seen a documentation about him, before I started painting.

Here is a link to the song Emil's sister Ida is singing:

The most fantastic about all this is that we as a family visited the very place where the film was produced, it is an old farm in Sweden, and we loved to see it!

It is such a lovely place and it looks exactly like it does in the film.

I also drew a portrait sketch of Robin Williams this week. He is one of my absolute favorite actors. 

We can only wish for more people to be more like this man.

Have a beautiful weekend, take care of yourselves and others
bring more joy and love to the world!

Ilona xx

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  1. Love your sketch of Robin Williams, he will be sorely missed. Great journal page, too. Valerie

  2. Love your sketch tribute to that wonderful man! So, so sad...
    And a wonderful AJ page :)
    Happy PPF :)
    no. 24

  3. I love the work of Chagall... you have done him justice in your work:)

  4. your journalpage has a wonderful surrealistic feel about it. Very Chagall-like, yes :-) And that portrait of Robin Williams is terrific. Such a lovely, wonderful man and so sad he's gone ....

  5. What a lovely sketch of robin Williams. Such sad news.

  6. Your portrait memorial to Robin Williams is absolutely magnificent. He was truly one of the most gifted persons in our lifetime, and will most definitely be missed. May he rest in peace. I can also fully relate to your feeling of children moving out, since my wife and I are now officially empty nesters. Happy PPF and peace!

  7. Robin Williams will be missed by all. It's very sad. Beautiful sketch of him. Love your journal page too. Yes time is moving fast for us all. Hope all works out well with your son's in their new abodes. Have a great weekend.

  8. Love your Chagall style page, so fab Illona. Also a wonderful sketch of Robin Williams, an actor who will be sorely missed. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Love the sketch of Robin Williams and also the Chagall inspired painting! Big changes at home...all the best for everything!

  10. beautiful illustration! How nice to visit a place in a film-we just did that recently while on vacation-and now we want to watch the movie again to see it:) Very poignant sketch of Robin Williams. He will be missed by so many...

  11. I really like your collage art piece and the portrait of RW. A real loss.

  12. Your portrait of R Williams is something extra, it is fabulous. I love it, as I like your Chagall-inspired page from Lönneberga too. It has been great changes in your family, when the children move out. The time goes fast,really. I wish you many artful days and good weekend.

  13. lovely! I really like the portrait of Robin Williams. Truly tragic what happen. A great loss. :(

  14. Beautiful creativity and your sketch of Robin is amazing! Thank you for sharing

  15. happy colours and like the meaningful sketch

  16. What an intriguing journal page, so much detail beautifully painted. I especially like the gentle looking hen. Thanks for the link to the song and video both of which I enjoyed.

  17. Oh WOW I think your captured the SOUL of Robin Williams...I feel it. He was also one of my very favorites. My kids will always call me when he's on tv..he really knew how to get the endorphins recharged! I hope your boys enjoy their new adventures and that you don't miss them too much!! Beautiful artwork...thanks for sharing! So good to see you back!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Your wonderful work as seen through a child's eye is magnificent. Your sketch of Robin Williams, touches my heart. I don't even have the words to express it. Somehow you have reached into that man's soul and captured it here.

  19. Your drawing of Robin is amazing! So much character and depth in the strokes! Love you composition and the colors in the story painting, too. I have never heard of this story, so I'm going to look it up! Happy PPF!

  20. Love Chagall and the inspired page is lovely too. Robin WIlliams sketch is marvellous...A great actor...he will be truly missed!


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