Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Loving Frida

Hi dear visitor,

I have an idea and I would like to ask any of you, who love Frida too, if you would be interested in making a project with Frida Kahlo as the main theme?
Postcard sized pieces of art would be the easiest to send by mail and the cheapest!
The idea is just coming to my mind and I am open to suggestions.
Please comment on this post, if you are interested!

Viva la vida!

Some of my recent attempts:


  1. Hi IIona, I have never painted Frida Kahlo though I have always admired her work, watched her movie...I would be happy to be part of a postcard sized project. Please let me know the details,

    And, these recent sketches of your look great!

  2. I am intrigued; tell us more as you get details!

  3. Hi Ilona, I've really loved seeing your Frida work on Facebook-I think it's all spectacular! I'm sorry I haven't been by here before but I saw you linked to on another blog so I had to come over.If you do end up doing the postcard project let me know,I'd be interested. :)

  4. Hi Zafaran, Kate and Lydia!
    Thank you for commenting on my post and for showing interest in the Frida-project!
    I think we are a nice little group to get the project started and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better through this collaboration!
    I'm going to write a blog-post about the details of the collaboration and then we can exchange the necessary information to get started and sending cards.

  5. Hi ilona. Thanks for the invite. Sounds interesting and I'm interested but can only participate as time allows. Let me know the details and then I'll let you know for sure if I will able to participate because as you know I've been cutting back quite a bit on the computer but when it comes to Frida, anythings possible.:)


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