Saturday, 15 March 2014

No Holds Barred Team - an International Group of Women Artists

I had started out my blog in order to learn how blogging works and to present my works I did for the arts-class during my teacher education. Those were the intended goals!
After the finished exam I decided to keep my blog going and started adding more art/my own art/ my own choices in August 2012. By accident or rather because of a hint from one of my fellow students on Facebook I came across a You-tube video that presented an art medium. The artist was funny to watch and she left a link to her blog - where I went to see, what else she had to show. 
Soon I discovered challenges and groups in the blogging world. I joined the Paint Party Friday, which is a blog-hop, where artists from all over the world share their works. We visit each other and encourage and befriend each other. This group has shown so much appreciation and encouragement to me that I felt it could be possible to really grow to become an artist!

Like a snowball effect one scene after the other opens to you, when you start going online and share your art.

Another challenge blog is Paint and Draw Together, here we get a photo to draw or paint. I participated a few times only, because the photos do not match my interest very often, but it is a group of very talented artists that get together and share their work! Here is one example of my contributions:

This painting is produced combining two different pictures. I used two of my favorite mediums: dry pastels and acrylic. Here you can see, how it developed: Eggplant

I got into the group of 29 Faces through my blogging, where a challenge with the same title existed already. Many people join the challenge and within the group some people started grouping together to share their art in a more unrestricted manner, that was where Lizzy Love created the NHB-group, to create a space for those of us, who wanted to act, discuss and collaborate more freely.

The group was created in April of 2013 on FaceBook by Lizzy Love of Canada in order to do an uncensored round of Exquisite Corpses .  “For those of us that would like to have the freedom to create with absolutely no restrictions”.

My exquisite corpse didn't get finished, but it shows my start on the top and one of the group member's additions. I used collage, charcoal and acrylics in my part at the top.
Here are some of my works from different challenges and collaborations:

29 Faces

Art Collaboration International my finished piece of a group collaboration in the NHB-group on Facebook.

Some of the group members and their blog-links:

Lizzy Love -


  1. A very interesting post Ilona, and it's good to see this group of paintings, some of which I have not seen before.

  2. Enjoyed hearing your story. You are a pillar of the art/social media scene.

  3. great blog! I enjoyed seeing your EC as I dont think I ever saw that before, not sure how I missed it! :)

  4. It is fun to be part of these larger groups isn't it. I look forward to and enjoy what people are creating.....thanks for sharing your art with us. xox

  5. Hello are missed at ppf....just wanted to let you know to pop by my blog and enter my contest before Friday!! Hope you are well!

    Hugs Giggles


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