Friday, 6 December 2013

Artist friends on Facebook for 40 Portraits

I've been off the road with blogging, because life around me had to be put in order. I apologize to you dear visitors, who I didn't get to visit back! I'm really sorry! I feel a lot better now and hope things will run more smoothly :-)

I have been able to make a few portraits this past week and will show you, what they are today.
As I told you two weeks ago, I'm participating in the 40 portraits Challenge with Gritty Jane on Facebook. (I haven't posted there either for the two weeks that have passed since I posted here)
Some of my Facebook artist-friends allowed me to draw their portraits, and it is great, because I really get to learn from the drawing process! So thanks to all of you sweet people! :-)

The first model is Lisa, she is a wonderful model and has a lot of very inspiring photos to chose from/work with. The sketches aren't finished, all of them, but you see her spirit in them, that's a very important part for me. Now I need to make them look like her really ;-)

Next it's Audrey, strong personality and very supportive also, it was great to draw her it actually went pretty smoothly with her portrait. I only had to adjust the nose - the most tricky part for me to get right and crucial to get the likeness with the person in place I think!

Here's Milo, absolutely lovely person, shedding love around her near and far. The first portrait didn't get her features in the right proportions, but she was instantly recognizable to those who know her :-). As I wanted to keep one portrait of her for myself I did another one...

This turned out to be better proportioned, so I'm very happy with it!

Here we have Mariane, she is new to the group 29 Faces on Facebook and she is from Denmark, not that far away :-).
I'm quite happy with this as well.

Last from the row of artists is Beth, and not finished yet. I haven't quite got to the point, where she really is recognizable, which is a bit difficult, because I chose a photo not known by the others from the group:

The last portrait is one of my lovely niece Anne, but it doesn't really look like her. I still have some work to do with this. I added pink rice paper, because it didn't work out for me at all and then painted over it with acrylic and charcoal. Maybe I will manage to get it to a stage where I like it. I need to be patient ;-)

Apart from the last portrait all the portraits are drawn with charcoal. I really love charcoal, it leaves strong lines if you want them and you can make them softer if you want that. 

Sharing this with the amazing artists on Paint Party Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. wunderbare Portraits...

    ich bewundere das so sehr. meine Versuche sehen immer nur ganz wenig ähnlich...
    und ich mach manchmal extreme Fehler bei den Augen ...

    ÜBEN ÜBEN ÜBEN... sollte ich halt ...

    viel Glück bei all Deinen privaten Dingen Ilona!
    schönen Advent!


  2. What wonderful portraits, I feel that something unique of each person shines through!

  3. Tolle Portaits, hoffe, dass Alles bald wieder im Lot ist! LG,Valerie

  4. These are all beautiful portraits! They looks so good and I especially love the portraits of Milo with her glasses. Lovely work :)

  5. Wonderful work, you capture expressions so well. I love charcoal as well, it can be so moody! I often find it easier to get likenesses from photos, but live models, oh dear, I never can capture it, maybe because expressions flitter across their faces so much. have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Pure awesomeness!! Wow..such a spectacular series of beautiful realistic and beautifully much visual interest in the faces and expressions and personalities! These are all truly special works! Shine on my friend!!

  7. Wow, great portraits. I love Milo, so studious.:) Thanks llona. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. wonderful portraits, thank you so much for sharing them. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Your portraits are amazing. I love that you shared the two of the same portrait -- so many things go into making a good portrait and it's good to see the way you deal with proportions. Thanks for sharing your work -- blogging must take second to taking care of yourself. Warm regards.

  10. All of them are absolutely fantastic, I love them!

  11. Wonderful work Ilona, Your portraits are amazing!

  12. Oh my Ilona-your portraits are all so finely detailed and sketched-wonderful works!!

  13. Sehr ausdruckstarke Portraits - wunderbar!

  14. Wow all of these are outstanding. Love the smirky smile on the fist one.
    Great job.
    Happy Sunday

  15. Your portraits are fantastic! I liked the expressions you have portrayed!
    Thank you for your wishes to my son. He doesn't know anyone at Kaiserslautern.

  16. Funny there are all so fabulous from my perspective, but of course I don't know the people. You did a great job at recovering that one lady to her true I am always impressed with your fabulous work!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. Wow, you are an amazing artist!! These are all so great!! I'll look for you in Jane's group.

  18. These are great portraits!

  19. Wow Ilona, your faces are amazing. They have such a great 3-dimensional look. Wonderful work!

  20. Beautiful portraits, very well done!

  21. Superb! I like the third one of Lisa, and you have really cracked it with all of them, each one has such personality and the features so well achieved. As for the portrait of your niece, I find that it is always difficult to draw a person one loves.

  22. fantastic practice and great portraits. Huge congrats!


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